Oracle Linux 8: System Administration III

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle Linux 8: System Administration III Course Overview:

The Oracle Linux 8: System Administration III certification is an advanced-level credential that confirms an individual’s expertise in administering, maintaining, and troubleshooting Oracle Linux 8 operating systems. It encompasses critical areas such as server configuration, system monitoring, performance tuning, security management, and scalability. Respected across the IT industry, this certification is sought after by employers seeking skilled Linux professionals. Industries in technology, finance, healthcare, and more rely on certificate holders to ensure the seamless operation of their Linux-based platforms and applications. The certification provides professionals with the credibility needed to advance in their careers, demonstrating their up-to-date and competent knowledge in the ever-evolving Linux environment.

Intended Audience:

  • Experienced system administrators who use Oracle Linux 8
  • IT professionals seeking advanced knowledge on Oracle Linux 8
  • Individuals preparing for Oracle Certified System Administrator exams
  • IT teams managing extensive Oracle Linux 8 databases
  • Professionals aiming for career advancement in Linux system administration
  • Tech enthusiasts who want to gain in-depth understanding of Oracle Linux 8.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Linux 8: System Administration III:

The learning objectives for the Oracle Linux 8: System Administration III course are:

  1. Mastering Oracle Linux 8 installation, configuration, and upgrading procedures.
  2. Understanding the essentials of network connectivity and security on Oracle Linux 8.
  3. Learning how to manage software packages and monitor system resources.
  4. Gaining expertise in tuning system performance and managing services.
  5. Acquiring skills in shell scripting for system maintenance tasks.
  6. Understanding advanced storage and file system management techniques.
  7. Developing proficiency in troubleshooting system problems effectively.
  8. Learning about system and network services, including DNS, SMTP, SSH, FTP, NFS, Samba, etc.
  9. Enhancing knowledge in configuring and managing devices, file systems, security, and users on Oracle Linux 8.
  • OCFS2 and Oracle Clusterware
  • iSCSI and Multipathing
  • Managing Resources with Control Groups (cgroups)
  • Virtualization with Linux
  • Oracle Container Runtime for Docker
  • Oracle Linux Container Services for Use with Kubernetes
  • Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux)
  • OpenSCAP
  • OpenSSL
  • Introduction to Linux Internals
  • Linux Auditing System
  • Core Dump Analysis
  • Dynamic Tracking with DTrace
  • Performance Management with TuneD
  • Using Gluster Storage

Oracle Linux 8: System Administration III Course Prerequisites:

• Proficiency in System Administration I and II for Oracle Linux 8
• Solid understanding of command-line interface
• Familiarity with disk partitioning, storage, management, and network services
• Experience with install, boot, package selection, and service configuration processes
• Knowledge of core system-level Linux capabilities.

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