Oracle Hyperion Smart View 11.1.2 for Planning Ed 2

Duration : 1 Day (8 Hours)

Oracle Hyperion Smart View 11.1.2 for Planning Ed 2 Course Overview:

The Oracle Hyperion Smart View 11.1.2 for Planning Ed 2 certification emphasizes adept utilization of the Smart View tool, enabling dynamic ad hoc analysis and direct engagement with Oracle Hyperion EPM applications. Notably, Smart View fosters seamless data exchange across Oracle and Microsoft platforms. This certification holds significance in sectors prioritizing streamlined data handling and analytical efficacy, particularly in the financial management domain. Industries leverage this credential to verify adeptness among staff or prospective candidates in harnessing Smart View, thus elevating their business intelligence capacities.

Intended Audience:

  • Business analysts who handle planning and budgeting tasks
  • Financial planning professionals seeking advanced data management skills
  • IT professionals managing Oracle Hyperion systems
  • Users of Oracle Hyperion Planning, particularly those upgrading to version 11.1.2
  • Finance professionals interested in improving forecasting accuracy
  • Accountants and financial controllers aiming to streamline reporting processes

Learning Objectives of Oracle Hyperion Smart View 11.1.2 for Planning Ed 2:

The Oracle Hyperion Smart View 11.1.2 for Planning Ed 2 course is designed to empower students with the proficiency to leverage Oracle Hyperion Smart View, a spreadsheet add-in, for data querying from Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) systems. The course’s learning objectives encompass comprehending Smart View’s architecture, cultivating functional mastery of its features and capabilities, crafting and deploying data forms, managing data sources, navigating shared and private connections, and constructing ad-hoc and free-form grids. Furthermore, students will attain skills to execute tasks like data importing and manipulation, report creation and updates, and collaborative activities through MS Office integration.

 Module 1: Introduction to Smart View

  • Oracle Hyperion Planning
  • Smart View Overview
  • Smart View Architecture
  • Integration with Source Systems
  • Smart View Business Process

 Module 2: Navigating Smart View and Setting Options

  • Smart View Excel Interface
  • Connection Types
  • Connecting to Data Sources
  • View Planning data in Excel
  • Setting Smart View Options

 Module 3: Managing Data in Forms

  • Working with Forms in Excel
  • Entering and Adjusting Data
  • Annotating Data Cells
  • Calculating Data Values
  • Monitoring Planning Jobs in Job Console
  • Submitting Data

 Module 4: Introduction to Predictive Planning

  • Predictive Planning Overview
  • Setting General Options
  • Running Predictions
  • Viewing Prediction Results
  • Pasting Results in Forms
  • Creating Comparison and Custom Views

 Module 5: Analyzing Data with Ad Hoc Analysis Tools

  • Starting Ad Hoc Analysis
  • Selecting Members
  • Formatting Ad Hoc Grids
  • Zooming In and Out on Members
  • Pivoting, Keeping, and Removing Members
  • Saving Ad Hoc Grids
  • Cascading Reports
  • Embedding Data in Word and PowerPoint

 Module 6: Managing the Approval Process

  • Planning Approval Process Overview
  • Validating Planning Units
  • Resolving Validation Errors
  • Changing Planning Unit Statuses
  • Annotating Planning Units

 Module 7: Managing Task Lists

  • Task List Management Overview
  • Importing Task Lists into Microsoft Outlook
  • Opening Task Lists
  • Viewing Task Details
  • Executing and Completing Tasks
  • Creating Task List Reports

Oracle Hyperion Smart View 11.1.2 for Planning Ed 2 Course Prerequisites:

• Familiarity with Microsoft Office applications
• Basic understanding of financial forecasting and budgeting processes
• Experience with Hyperion Planning or any other EPM applications
• Functional knowledge of financial data management
• Prior IT experience, preferably in Oracle-based solutions.

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