Oracle HCM Cloud: Approvals and Extensibility

Duration : 1 Day (8 Hours)

Oracle HCM Cloud: Approvals and Extensibility Course Overview:

The Oracle HCM Cloud: Approvals and Extensibility course provides a comprehensive foundation in enterprise-level approvals and extensibility within Oracle HCM Cloud. Tailored for Oracle professionals overseeing cloud-based applications, the course imparts skills in crafting and managing approval processes, and expanding application functionality to address specific business needs. Encompassing business process-driven approvals setup and management, as well as leveraging extensibility for HR roles, the curriculum also delves into the lifecycle of custom-developed e-signature processes. Successful completion equips participants with insights into cloud-based approvals’ architecture, adept extensibility strategies, and end-to-end e-signature process creation. Armed with this knowledge, learners can confidently implement customized Oracle HCM Cloud solutions tailored to their organization’s requirements.

Intended Audience:

  • Power Users
  • Business Analysts
  • Individuals responsible for maintaining and creating App Definitions, Approval Processes, Document Formats, and Adapters on the Oracle HCM Cloud Platform

Learning Objectives of Oracle HCM Cloud: Approvals and Extensibility:

1. Gain an understanding of features and functionality of the Oracle HCM Cloud Approval process and the Extensibility Framework.
2. Learn to create and configure workflow approvals, implement rules and quick approvers, and assign approver roles/functions.
3. Use enterprise structure information and integrations to trigger automated approvals and alerts.
4. Learn to perform interactive reporting with pre-built dashboarding and analytics.
5. Implement custom workflows and extend processes via keyword-driven scripting and custom objects.
6. Understand the role and use of business events, adaptive roles, and message event types in automation.
7. Learn to define and configure identity correlation and transformation rules, external sytems, and objects.
8. Acquire the skills to create service endpoints, register subscription services, and use SOA/OSB/BPEL to design complex integrations.

 Module 1: Oracle Fusion Approvals and Extensibility Overview

  • Lesson and Course Objectives
  • Course Schedule
  • Course Hands-On Activities, Introduction, and Sign Ins
  • Oracle Fusion Resources

 Module 2: Approvals Security and Functional Security Manager

  • Role Based Access Control
  • Role Types
  • Security Reference Implementation
  • Set up Approval Through FSM

 Module 3: Approval Management Overview

  • Approval Workflow Overview
  • Approval Policies Overview
  • Approval Transactions Overview

 Module 4: Approvals Rule Configuration

  • Approval Rules Overview
  • Approval Rules Overview
  • Creating an Approval Rule
  • Approval Attribute Overview
  • Adding Approvers
  • Configuring Approver Settings

 Module 5: Approvals Rule Configuration

  • Approval Notifications Overview
  • FYI Notifications Overview

 Module 6: Approval Types and Approval Groups

  • Approval Types Overview
  • Position Hierarchy Overview
  • Approval Groups Overview

 Module 7: Oracle BPM Worklist

  • HCM Approval Management in Oracle BPM Worklist
  • Roles and Rights for Approving Tasks
  • Task Aggregation Overview
  • FYI Notification in BPM
  • Notification and Reminder Settings
  • Modifying Approval Rules in BPM Worklist
  • Setting the Transaction to Automatically Approve

 Module 8: Sandboxes

  • Sandboxes Overview
  • Working With Sandboxes
  • Types of Sandboxes
  • Types of Customizations in Sandboxes

 Module 9: Extensibility, Customization, and Personalization

  • Customization Layers Overview
  • Working with Shared Components
  • Customizing the Springboard
  • Customizing Page Components
  • Page Composer Migration

 Module 10: Working With the Page Composer

  • Adding Content to a Page
  • Modifying Page Appearances
  • Applying Conditional Changes

 Module 11: Using Flexfields

  • Describing Flexfields and Components
  • Describing Flexfields Types
  • Deploying and Migrating Flexfields

Oracle HCM Cloud: Approvals and Extensibility Course Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites required to take Oracle HCM Cloud: Approvals and Extensibility Training, though it is highly recommended that students taking this course have experience administering HCM Cloud or other cloud applications, and familiarity with basic navigation, Oracle Fusion Security Concepts, SQL, PL/SQL, and Java is recommended.

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