Oracle Financials Cloud: Payables to Cash Management Implementation Ed 3

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle Financials Cloud: Payables to Cash Management Implementation Ed 3 Course Overview:

The Oracle Financials Cloud: Payables to Cash Management Implementation Ed 3 certification focuses on comprehending and implementing Oracle Financials Cloud Services, specifically managing financial processes like accounts payable, cash management, and payables-to-cash conversion. Industries pursue this certification to enhance financial operations using Oracle’s cloud solutions, with holders showcasing adeptness in financial concepts and their practical application. Certified individuals optimize business procedures, elevate financial reporting and performance, curtail operational expenses, and amplify overall productivity and efficiency.

Intended Audience:

  • Finance professionals seeking to improve financial data management
  • IT professionals implementing Oracle Financials Cloud in their organization
  • Business analysts dealing with payable and cash management systems
  • Project managers overseeing the transition to cloud-based solutions
  • Accounts payable and receivable specialists seeking proficiency in a new software.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Financials Cloud: Payables to Cash Management Implementation Ed 3:

The course aims to equip participants to:

  1. Efficient Implementation and Management: Develop the skills to effectively implement and manage Oracle Financials Cloud applications, with a focus on payables and cash management.
  2. Comprehensive Setup and Configuration: Gain a deep understanding of Oracle Financials Cloud’s setup and configuration processes.
  3. Master Payables and Cash Management: Acquire proficiency in configuring and utilizing payables and cash management functionalities within Oracle Financials Cloud.
  4. Integration with Other Oracle Solutions: Understand how payables and cash management applications integrate with other Oracle solutions.
  5. Security Role Determination: Learn how to determine and set up the necessary security roles for accessing and managing financial data.
  6. Reports and Analytics Generation: Develop the ability to generate reports and analytics to gain insights into financial performance.

By the end of the course, participants should be well-equipped to leverage Oracle Financials Cloud for streamlined financial management processes within their enterprises. They should possess the knowledge and skills required to configure, integrate, secure, and analyze financial data effectively using the Oracle Financials Cloud platform.

 Module 1: Overview of Oracle Order Management

  • Overview of Oracle Order Management
  • What is Oracle Order Management?
  • Order Capture and Order Fulfillment
  • Oracle Order Management Capabilities
  • Order to Cash Lifecycle
  • Integration with Other Products

 Module 2: Order Entities and Order Flows

  • Order to Cash Lifecycle with Standard Items
  • Order to Cash Lifecycle with PTO Models and PTO Kits
  • Drop Shipments
  • Drop Shipments Across Ledgers
  • Back-to-Back Orders
  • Managing IR-ISO Changes
  • Sales Agreements
  • Negotiation Agreement

 Module 3: Order Processing

  • Entering Order Header Main Information
  • Entering Order Header Additional Information
  • Entering Order Lines
  • Booking an Order
  • Applying Sales Credits
  • Splitting Orders
  • Copying Orders
  • Using Order Organizer

 Module 4: Multiple Organization Access Control Setup

  • Organization Structure in Oracle Applications
  • Using MOAC in Oracle Order Management
  • Setting Up MOAC

 Module 5: Oracle Inventory Setup for Oracle Order Management

  • Receipt to Issue Lifecycle
  • Inventory Organizations
  • Setting Up Locations
  • Inventory Organization Structure
  • Interorganization Shipping Networks
  • Shipping Method
  • Units of Measure
  • Uses of Units of Measure

 Module 6: Oracle Receivables Setup for Oracle Order Management

  • Overview of Trading Community Architecture
  • Key Customer Related Concepts in TCA
  • Adding Customers in Order Management
  • Defining Payment Terms
  • Defining Invoicing and Accounting Rules
  • Overview of Credit Checking
  • Defining Credit Checking on the Customers Page – Profile Tab
  • Defining Credit Checking on the Customers Page – Profile Amounts Tab

 Module 7: Oracle Order Management Setup Steps

  • Order Management Setup Steps
  • Profile Options and System Parameters
  • Overview of QuickCode or Lookup Types
  • Defining QuickCode or Lookup Types
  • Overview of Order Header and Order Line Processing Flows
  • Overview of Transaction Types Window
  • Workflow in Transaction Types
  • Overview of Document Sequences for Order Numbering

 Module 8: Holds, Order Purge, and Exception Management Setup

  • Holds
  • Seeded Holds
  • Automatic Holds
  • Generic Holds
  • Specifying Holds Framework
  • Hold Sources
  • Order and Quote Purge
  • Purge Sets

 Module 9: Basic Pricing Setup

  • Overview of Pricing in the Order to Cash Process
  • Creating a Price List
  • Secondary Price List
  • Copy Price List
  • Price List Maintenance: Overview
  • Add Items to Price List
  • Manual Price List Updates
  • Implementation Steps: Setting Key Profile Options

 Module 10: Overview of Shipping Execution

  • Shipping Execution Flow
  • Delivery and Delivery Lines
  • Trips and Stops
  • Delivery Leg
  • Containers/LPNs
  • Pick Release
  • Move Orders
  • Pick Confirmation

Oracle Financials Cloud: Payables to Cash Management Implementation Ed 3 Course Prerequisites:

  • Knowledge of Oracle Financials Cloud Navigation
  • Understanding of the rapid implementation process
  • Familiarity with the Oracle Financials Cloud Payables, Oracle Financials Cloud Receivables, and Oracle Financials Cloud Cash Management offerings
  • Functional implementation experience
  • Basic knowledge of finance and accounting principles.

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