Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL/PLSQL Accelerated

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL/PLSQL Accelerated Course Overview:

The Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL/PLSQL Accelerated certification is a comprehensive program that demonstrates proficiency in fundamental concepts of both SQL (structured query language) and PL/SQL (procedural language for SQL). It covers database architecture, schema objects, control structures, exception handling, writing queries, and data manipulation.

This certification ensures that the holder possesses the necessary skills to effectively manage and manipulate databases within Oracle’s environment. Industries rely on this certification to validate the abilities of their IT professionals in database management, leading to increased efficiency and improved quality of data analysis.

It is particularly valuable for individuals seeking roles as database administrators, developers, and analysts, as it establishes their competence in working with Oracle databases and using SQL/PLSQL for various tasks.

Intended Audience:

• Database administrators seeking advanced knowledge
• IT professionals managing or developing Oracle databases
• Programmers who want to enhance their SQL skills
• IT students aiming to specialize in database management
• Software engineers interested in utilizing PLSQL.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL/PLSQL Accelerated:

The learning objectives of the Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL/PLSQL Accelerated course are:

  • Provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of SQL and PLSQL.
  • Teach students how to manage database design, write SQL queries, and develop PLSQL programs.
  • Familiarize students with advanced features of Oracle’s programming languages, including designing database schemas, creating stored procedures and functions, and manipulating data using SQL.
  • Equip students with the necessary skills to perform database tuning, implement security protocols, and manage database objects using Oracle tools.
  • Prepare students for Oracle certification exams related to SQL and PLSQL.

 Module 1: Introduction to Oracle Database

 Module 2: Retrieve Data using the SQL SELECT Statement

 Module 3: Learn to Restrict and Sort Data

 Module 4: Usage of Single-Row Functions to Customize Output

 Module 5: Invoke Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions

 Module 6: Aggregate Data Using the Group Functions

 Module 7: Display Data From Multiple Tables Using Joins

 Module 8: Use Sub-queries to Solve Queries

 Module 9: The SET Operators

 Module 10: Data Manipulation Statements

 Module 11: Use of DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables

 Module 12: Other Schema Object

 Module 13: Introduction to PL/SQL

 Module 14: Declare PL/SQL Identifiers

 Module 15: Write Executable Statements

 Module 16: Interaction with the Oracle Server

 Module 17: Control Structures

 Module 18: Composite Data Types

 Module 19: Explicit Cursors

 Module 20: Exception Handling

 Module 21: Stored Procedures

 Module 22: Stored Functions and Debugging Subprograms

Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL/PLSQL Accelerated Course Prerequisites:

• Fundamental knowledge of databases
• Basic understanding of relational database concepts
• Familiarity with using SQL, including DML and DDL
• Knowledge of data retrieval techniques
• Prior experience using Oracle Database or similar software
• Familiarity with programming concepts
• Basic computer literacy skills

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