Oracle Database Cloud for DBAs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Oracle Database Cloud for DBAs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Course Overview:

The Oracle Database Cloud for DBAs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) course is designed for Database Administrators and IT professionals responsible for administering Oracle databases in the cloud. It covers the features and functionality of Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBaaS) on OCI, including design, deployment, and management in an IaaS environment. The course also includes other Oracle cloud services like Autonomous Database and Data Warehouse Cloud Service. Participants will gain practical experience in using and managing Oracle Database Cloud Service on OCI, making them well-equipped to administer Oracle databases in the cloud for any organization transitioning to the cloud.

Intended Audience:

  1. Database administrators
  2. System administrators
  3. IT professionals who need to learn about the Oracle Cloud platform for database management
  4. Individuals who need to set up, manage, and monitor an Oracle Database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  5. Those involved in migrating a database from an on-premises system to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  6. Individuals with knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL, experience with Oracle Database administration, and familiarity with Linux.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Database Cloud for DBAs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:

1. Understand the cloud concepts and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services.
2. Learn how to set up a secure Oracle Database instance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
3. Become familiarized with enterprise backup and recovery options.
4. Learn how to monitor and manage your Oracle Database cloud instance.
5. Discover the powerful Oracle Database Cloud Security capabilities.
6. Gain experience with Oracle Database Cloud Performance and Optimization.
7. Develop an understanding of best practices for Oracle Database Cloud operations.
8. Become acquainted with troubleshooting, patching and cloning using Database Cloud.
9. Learn about Oracle GoldenGate for Query and Data Replication.
10. Explore the benefits of Oracle’s Autonomous Database on Cloud.

 Module 1: Oracle Cloud Platform for Database in the Cloud
  • Oracle Database Cloud Services
  • Journey to Autonomous Database
  • Subscribe to an Oracle Cloud Service
  • Regions, Availability Domains, and Backbone Network
  • Comprehensive Virtual Network with Off-box Virtualization
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services
  • Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) Service
  • Compute Service & Shapes
  • Object Storage Service & Block Volume Service
  • Load Balancing Service
  • DNS Service
  • Virtual Machine DB Systems
  • Bare Metal DB Systems
  • Exadata DB Systems
  • Compute
  • Shapes
  • Storage Options
  • DB Systems Storage Architecture
  • Prerequisites to Launch DB System
  • Creating Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) for DB System
  • Using the Console to Launch DB System
  • Using Console to Start, Stop, Reboot, and Terminate DB System
  • Using the Console to Manage BYOL Database Licenses
  • Using the API Operations & Setting Up DNS for a DB System
  • Create TNS Entry for PDBs
  • Connecting to a DB System with SSH
  • Connecting to a Database with Oracle SQL Developer
  • Connecting to a Database on 1-Node & Multi-Node DB System
  • Update a DB System
  • Important Guidelines for OS Updates
  • Configure a DB System
  • Transparent Data Encryption
  • Scaling CPU & Storage
  • Performing Patch Operations on DB System & on Database Using Console
  • Viewing Patch History of a DB System & of a Database
  • Performing Patching Using CLI
  • Check the Installed Patches & Patch Server Components
  • Patch Database Home Components
  • Applying Interim Patches
  • Identify the Root Cause of the Patching Operation Failure
  • Monitoring a Database
  • Opening Ports on the DB System
  • Updating the Security List for the DB System
  • Special Considerations to Create and Configure a New PDB
  • Creating and Activating a Master Encryption Key for a New PDB
  • Object Storage, Local Storage & Swift Object Storage
  • Backing Up to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Using Console & RMAN
  • Enable or Disable Automatic Backups for a Database
  • Create an On-Demand Full Backup of a Database & Delete a Full Backup from Object Storage
  • Installing the Backup Module on the DB System & Configuring RMAN
  • Backing Up to Local Storage Using the Database CLI
  • Recovering a Database Using Console, RMAN & from a CLI Backup
  • Recovering a Database from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic Object Store
  • Identity and Access Management Service
  • Principals, Authentication, Authorization
  • User Authentication
  • Instance Isolation
  • Network Security
  • User Authorization: OCI IAM
  • Data Encryption
  • Considerations for Choosing a Migration Method
  • Information Gathering, Analysis and Planning
  • Data Transfer Options (Online and Sync, Offline)
  • Security Considerations
  • Migration Options

Oracle Database Cloud for DBAs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Course Prerequisites:

1. A general understanding of the Oracle Database
2. An understanding of basic database concepts such as schemas, tablespaces and storage objects
3. Knowledge of SQL, PL/SQL and Database Administration
4. Working knowledge of the Linux operating system
5. Basic understanding of cloud computing concepts
6. A working knowledge of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) platform

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