Oracle Database 19c: PL/SQL Workshop

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle Database 19c: PL/SQL Workshop Course Overview:

The Oracle Database 19c: PL/SQL Workshop certification is a recognized qualification that validates an individual’s expertise in using the Oracle Database, particularly in the use of Procedural Language/Structured Query Language (PL/SQL). It covers fundamental to complex concepts such as control structures, error handling, and working with large data sets. This certification is commonly used by industries as evidence of a professional’s ability to efficiently manage, develop, and manipulate data in Oracle databases. It provides industries standard of higher credibility, improved productivity and maximized return of investments in Oracle technology. Note that to earn this certification, one must pass the related Oracle exam.

Intended Audience:

• Database Administrators
• Database Developers
• PL/SQL Developers
• Systems Engineers
• IT professionals working with Oracle
• Individuals keen on learning new database technologies
• Professionals preparing for Oracle certification exams
• Database consultants and architects.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Database 19c: PL/SQL Workshop:

  1. Developing proficiency in creating PL/SQL database applications compatible with Oracle 19c.
  2. Learning to write robust PL/SQL code for server-side programming, including creating procedures and functions.
  3. Managing PL/SQL program units and dependencies to organize and maintain code efficiently.
  4. Creating triggers to automate actions based on database events.
  5. Implementing exception handling to manage errors and ensure data integrity.
  6. Enhancing skills in managing large code bases and optimizing PL/SQL performance.
  7. Understanding and effectively using the PL/SQL compiler to validate and execute code.
  8. Improving code portability and reusability through practices such as packages and user-defined types.
  9. Learning to invoke web services from PL/SQL to interact with external applications.
  10. Acquiring the ability to design and implement complex PL/SQL solutions for various database tasks and business requirements.

 Module 1: Introduction

 Module 2: Introduction to PL/SQL

 Module 3: Declaring PL/SQL Variables

 Module 4: Writing Executable Statements

 Module 5: Using SQL Statements Within a PL/SQL Block

 Module 6: Writing Control Structures

 Module 7: Working with Composite Data Types

 Module 8: Using Explicit Cursors

 Module 9: Handling Exceptions

 Module 10: Introducing Stored Procedures and Functions

 Module 11: Creating Procedures

 Module 12: Creating Functions

 Module 13: Debugging Subprograms

 Module 14: Creating Packages

 Module 15: Working with Packages

 Module 16: Using Oracle-Supplied Packages in Application Development

 Module 17: Using Dynamic SQL

 Module 18: Creating Triggers

 Module 19: Creating Compound, DDL, and Event Database Triggers

 Module 20: Design Considerations for the PL/SQL Code

 Module 21: Tuning the PL/SQL Compiler

 Module 22: Managing Dependencies

Oracle Database 19c: PL/SQL Workshop Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of Oracle database concepts
• Knowledge of SQL and how to use SQL*Plus
• Familiarity with programming fundamentals
• Preliminary exposure to Oracle PL/SQL
• Basic experience in software development or database administration
• Familiarity with procedural programming language principles.

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