Oracle Database 19c: Data Warehousing Techniques

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Oracle Database 19c: Data Warehousing Techniques Course Overview:

The Oracle Database 19c: Data Warehousing Techniques certification attests to an individual’s adeptness in overseeing substantial data warehouses. This encompasses a profound grasp of essential Oracle attributes essential for data warehouse design, maintenance, database performance enhancement, and the creation of insightful business intelligence reports. Across various industries, certified experts are sought to proficiently manage vast datasets, executing precise indexing, partitioning, and compression strategies to ensure swift data retrieval and analysis. By harnessing effective data warehousing techniques, organizations gain the capability to make strategic decisions, elevate service quality, anticipate market trends, and delve into customer behavior analysis. As bearers of this certification, professionals stand as pivotal assets, pivotal to a business’s competitive edge and overarching triumph.

Intended Audience:

  • Database administrators seeking to advance Oracle 19c data warehouse skills.
  • IT professionals interested in exploring Oracle 19c data warehousing techniques.
  • Data analysts aiming to enhance and broaden data processing abilities.
  • Data scientists eager to acquire knowledge of Oracle’s data warehousing tools and methods.
  • Technical consultants engaged in data warehouse setup and upkeep.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Database 19c: Data Warehousing Techniques:

The learning objectives of the Oracle Database 19c: Data Warehousing Techniques course encompass fostering a comprehensive grasp of Oracle 19c database architecture and its pertinent methodologies within the context of data warehousing. Participants are expected to cultivate hands-on proficiency in devising, executing, and adeptly managing data warehousing initiatives. Mastery of advanced data warehousing functionalities, including partitioning, result caching, parallel execution, and SQL analytics, will be instilled. The curriculum is designed to impart expertise in enhancing SQL query performance, constructing dimensional models, and harnessing a diverse array of database attributes for streamlined data loading and unloading. Furthermore, learners will gain insights into essential security practices, backup and recovery solutions, as well as performance optimization techniques specific to Oracle Database 19c.

 Module 1: Course Overview

  • Details are not available.

 Module 2: Data Extraction Techniques

  • Data Extraction Techniques
  • Data Extraction Process

 Module 3: Introduction to Data Transformation

 Module 4: Data Transformation Techniques

 Module 5: Data Loading Techniques

  • Data Loading Techniques
  • Loading Techniques Supported by Oracle

 Module 6: Database Sizing, Storage, and Security Considerations

  • Database Sizing, Storage, and Security Considerations
  • Data Partitioning

 Module 7: Data Refresh Techniques

  • Data Refresh Techniques
  • Applying the Changes to the Data Warehouse

 Module 8: Summary Management

  • Summary Management
  • Refresh Modes

 Module 9: Metadata Management

  • Metadata Management
  • Metadata Strategy and Considerations

 Module 10: Data Warehouse Implementation Considerations

Oracle Database 19c: Data Warehousing Techniques Course Prerequisites:

  • Prior understanding of SQL and PL/SQL
  • Familiarity with Database concepts
  • Basic knowledge of Oracle Database 18c
  • Understanding of data warehousing concepts
  • Experience with Oracle Database administration is beneficial
  • Knowledge of Linux operating system is helpful.

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