Oracle Database 19c: Clusterware Administration Workshop

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

Oracle Database 19c: Clusterware Administration Workshop Course Overview:

The Oracle Database 19c: Clusterware Administration Workshop certification is a well-regarded credential that validates expertise in Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) database environments. The certification covers essential concepts such as installing, updating, and troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware, managing high availability and data protection, and understanding Oracle Database software.

Industries seek professionals with this certification for their ability to optimize database workloads, reduce IT costs, and deliver high-quality services. It is particularly beneficial for database designers, support engineers, technical administrators, and data warehouse administrators who wish to leverage the power of Oracle RAC in their working environment.

Intended Audience:

• Database Administrators
• Data Warehouse Administrators
• System Administrators
• IT Managers
• Technical Consultants
• IT Professionals responsible for managing and maintaining Oracle databases
• Professionals preparing for Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Database 19c: RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administration certification.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Database 19c: Clusterware Administration Workshop:

The learning objectives of the Oracle Database 19c: Clusterware Administration Workshop course are as follows:

  1. Providing learners with a comprehensive understanding of Oracle Database 19c Clusterware and its associated components.
  2. Equipping participants with the skills to install and configure Grid Infrastructure, the foundation of Oracle RAC environments.
  3. Enabling learners to effectively manage components within a Cluster, ensuring high availability and reliability.
  4. Teaching troubleshooting techniques to address common Clusterware issues and maintain a stable database environment.
  5. Familiarizing participants with the best practices to utilize Oracle Clusterware for making applications highly available.
  6. Imparting knowledge about patching, upgrading, and backing up recovery systems, ensuring data protection and system integrity.
  7. Enhancing the learner’s ability to manage Oracle Clusterware effectively, adding value to their organizations by ensuring the availability and performance of critical database systems.
 Module 1: Oracle Clusterware Architecture
  • Oracle Clusterware Architecture
  • Voting Disk Considerations
  • Clusterware Startup Details: OHASD oraagent
  • Introduction to Clusterware
  • Oracle Clusterware Networking
  • Cluster Configuration Options
  • Oracle Member Cluster for Applications
  • Grid Infrastructure: Preinstallation Tasks
  • Enabling the Name Service Cache Daemon (nscd)
  • Private Interconnect Network Requirements
  • Oracle Linux with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel
  • Grid Infrastructure Installation
  • Specify Installation Location
  • Managing Cluster Nodes
  • Deleting a Node from the Cluster
  • Traditional Clusterware Management
  • Checking the Integrity of Oracle Clusterware Configuration Files
  • Restoring the OCR on Linux or UNIX Systems
  • Oracle Local Registry
  • SCAN Listeners and Valid Node Checking
  • Policy-Based Cluster and Capacity Management
  • Moving Servers Between Server Pools
  • Policy-Based Cluster Management and QoS Management
  • Upgrading and Patching Grid Infrastructure
  • Completing a Clusterware Upgrade When Nodes Become Unreachable
  • OPatch: Overview
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware
  • oclumon Utility
  • CHA Key Performance and Workload Indicators
  • Cluster Resource Activity Log (CALOG)
  • Rebootless Node Eviction
  • Making Applications Highly Available with Oracle Clusterware
  • Using Clusterware to Enable High Availability
  • Deciding on a Deployment Scheme
  • Resource Group: Overview

Oracle Database 19c: Clusterware Administration Workshop Course Prerequisites:

• Understanding of database architecture and Oracle Grid Infrastructure
• Knowledge in administering Oracle cluster databases
• Oracle Database 19c: RAC Administration workshop completion
• Familiarity with using Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
• Experience working with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
• General knowledge of network administration and storage management.

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