Oracle Database 19c: Backup and Recovery

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle Database 19c: Backup and Recovery Course Overview:

Obtaining the Oracle Database 19c: Backup and Recovery Certification demonstrates a comprehensive grasp of Oracle 19c backup and recovery mechanisms, making it invaluable for professionals responsible for managing and maintaining databases with a focus on data safety. This certification validates proficiency in managing backup, failure, restore, and recovery procedures for Oracle 19c Database, enabling industries to assess expertise in safeguarding data integrity and continuity amid potential issues or system failures. Key concepts covered include Recovery Manager (RMAN), flashback technologies, redundant sets of standby databases (Data Guard), and using SQL for recovery and backup operations.

Intended Audience:

• Database administrators responsible for managing, installing and securely maintaining Oracle database backups.
• IT professionals seeking to enhance their skills in Oracle Database Backup and Recovery.
• Oracle Database Application developers looking to manage data effectively.
• System Administrators overseeing Oracle database operations.
• Professionals planning to perform Oracle certification exams related to database management and recovery.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Database 19c: Backup and Recovery:

The learning objectives of the Oracle Database 19c: Backup and Recovery course encompass a comprehensive understanding of Oracle Database architecture and its physical structure to facilitate successful backup and recovery operations. Students will gain proficiency in performing database backup, restoration, and recovery operations, along with implementing effective strategies. Advanced topics, such as database duplication and cloning, will be introduced. Participants will learn to utilize RMAN (Recovery Manager) for backup and recovery tasks, manage memory, and diagnose database failures. The course aims to enhance skills in managing database performance, structural changes, diagnosing failures, and handling sophisticated backup and recovery procedures, empowering professionals to excel in securing and maintaining Oracle 19c databases with confidence.

 Module 1: Backup and Recovery: Overview

 Module 2: Backup and Recovery Configuration

 Module 3: Using Recovery Manager (RMAN)

 Module 4: Backup Strategies

 Module 5: Creating Database Backups

 Module 6: Using Optional Backup Features

 Module 7: Tuning RMAN Backup Performance

 Module 8 Recovery Catalog: Overview

 Module 9: Creating a Recovery Catalog

 Module 10: Managing Target Database Records

 Module 11: Using Stored Scripts

 Module 12: Creating and Using Virtual Private Catalogs

 Module 13: Restore and Recovery Concepts

 Module 14: Diagnosing Failure

 Module 15: Performing Complete Recovery

 Module 16: Performing Point-in-Time Recovery

 Module 17: Performing Block Media Recovery

 Module 18: Performing Additional Recovery Operations

 Module 19: Oracle Flashback Technology: Overview

 Module 20: Using Logical Flashback Features

 Module 21: Using Flashback Database

 Module 22: Using PDB Snapshot

 Module 23: Database Duplication Overview

 Module 24: Creating a Backup-Based Duplicate Database

Oracle Database 19c: Backup and Recovery Course Prerequisites:

Prior experience working with Oracle Database technology.
• Basic understanding of Oracle Database architecture, backup recovery, and disaster recovery concepts.
• Familiarity with Oracle Database 19c Administration.
• Knowledge of SQL, PL/SQL, and UNIX/Linux.
• Familiarity with Oracle RMAN and Data Guard environments.

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