Oracle Database 19c: Administration Workshop

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle Database 19c: Administration Workshop Course Overview:

The “Oracle Database 19c: Administration Workshop” certification program is designed to validate individuals’ proficiency in effectively managing and maintaining an efficient, secure, and robust Oracle 19c database. This certification holds significant importance in the IT industry as it demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of various database administration skills, including management, performance tuning, security, backup, and recovery. Certified professionals are highly sought after by organizations to enhance the reliability, speed, and security of their databases. They play a crucial role in ensuring the optimal functioning of databases, resolving potential issues, implementing data backups, and safeguarding the company’s valuable data from security threats. Ultimately, their expertise contributes significantly to the firm’s productivity and overall value.

Intended Audience:

• Database administrators
• IT professionals looking to update their knowledge on Oracle Database
• System analysts and engineers
• IT managers handling database solutions
• Data warehouse administrators
• Technical consultants
• Tech-savvy individuals who want to expand their skill envelope
• Individuals seeking Oracle Database certification.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Database 19c: Administration Workshop:

The learning objectives of the Oracle Database 19c: Administration Workshop course are focused on providing learners with fundamental knowledge and hands-on skills in administering an Oracle database. Throughout the course, students will be equipped to:

  1. Install and maintain an Oracle database, gaining proficiency in setting up and managing the environment.
  2. Develop a comprehensive backup and recovery policy and learn how to implement these procedures using Recovery Manager, ensuring data protection and availability.
  3. Acquire the skills to efficiently manage storage, optimizing database performance and resource allocation.
  4. Learn how to address database corruption issues and employ techniques to handle them effectively.
  5. Understand the principles of securing an Oracle system, safeguarding data from unauthorized access and potential threats.
  6. Explore performance tuning principles to enhance the overall efficiency and responsiveness of the Oracle database.
  7. Gain insights into Oracle Networking, enabling effective communication and connectivity within the database environment.
  8. Utilize Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to efficiently monitor and manage the Oracle database.
 Module 1: Introduction to Oracle Database 19c Administration
  • Overview of Oracle Database Architecture
  • Understanding Oracle Database Editions
  • Preparing the Environment for Oracle Database Installation
  • Installing Oracle Database 19c
  • Configuring Oracle Net Services
  • Understanding Oracle Database Instance
  • Managing Database Initialization Parameters
  • Starting and Stopping the Database
  • Managing Memory and Processes
  • Managing Control Files, Redo Logs, and Archive Logs
  • Managing Database Storage
  • Understanding Oracle Database Storage Structures
  • Managing Tablespaces and Data Files
  • Managing Undo Data
  • Managing Temporary Data
  • Managing Oracle Database Files and Directories
  • Managing Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
  • Understanding Oracle Database Security Concepts
  • Managing Database Users and Roles
  • Managing Privileges and Permissions
  • Managing Passwords and Profiles
  • Managing Audit Policies
  • Implementing Backup and Recovery Strategies
  • Performing Database Recovery
  • Monitoring and Tuning Oracle Database
  • Implementing Oracle Database High Availability
  • Configuring Oracle Data Guard
  • Implementing Oracle Database Replication

Oracle Database 19c: Administration Workshop Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of database concepts, SQL and PL/SQL
• Knowledge in Linux Operating System
• Familiarity with Cloud computing fundamentals
• Experience with Oracle Database 11g/12c
• Understanding of Oracle database architecture and storage structures
• Knowledge of backup and recovery concepts.

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