Oracle Commerce: Platform Fundamentals for Developers Rel 11.1

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle Commerce: Platform Fundamentals for Developers Rel 11.1 Course Overview:

The “Oracle Commerce Platform Fundamentals for Developers Rel 11.1” course is designed to equip developers with a foundational understanding of the Oracle Commerce Platform. It focuses on key platform components: the commerce runtime, transaction processing engine, and integration. Participants will learn installation, configuration, and application development using the platform. The course also encompasses catalog management, pricing, promotions, order handling, payment processing, invoicing, workflow, and analytics. Additionally, troubleshooting techniques are introduced to enhance developers’ comprehension of their applications on the Oracle Commerce Platform.

Intended Audience:

  • Software Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Developers responsible for building enterprise-level websites and mobile applications using the Oracle Commerce Platform
  • Those with prior experience in earlier versions of the Oracle Commerce platform, such as Commerce Platform 11.1
  • Individuals aiming to understand platform features and functionalities for effective creation and deployment of digital solutions
  • Professionals seeking to enhance their development skills with insights into the development process, debugging techniques, design best practices, and utilization of development tools
  • Developers keen on staying updated and building optimal digital solutions with the Oracle Commerce Platform.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Commerce: Platform Fundamentals for Developers Rel 11.1:

This training will help you to understand and master the overall Architecture of the Endeca Workbench and how it fits into the Oracle Commerce Platform. By the end of this training, you will be able to:
1. Install and configure the Endeca Workbench and Oracle ATG Web Commerce.
2. Get acquainted with the Endeca Workbench and Oracle ATG Web Commerce feature sets.
3. Learn how to create and configure guided Navigators.
4. Understand how to store and manage application data.
5. Create interfaces dependent on endeca search fields.
6. Learn how to integrate external data sources using the Endeca Workbench.
7. Modify page components and create custom pipeline components.
8. Construct a Lago Visual Editor.
9. Learn about the anatomy of a workflow and build custom workflows.
10. Use the Shopping Cart component to add e-commerce capabilities.

 Module 1: Oracle Commerce Application Structure and Deployment

 Module 2: Nucleus Components

 Module 3: Custom Components

 Module 4: The DSP Tag Library

 Module 5: Dynamo Servlet Beans

 Module 6: Repository Architecture

 Module 7: SQL Repository Configuration

 Module 8: Repository Form Handlers

 Module 9: Repository API

 Module 10: Derived Properties

 Module 11: Versioned and Hierarchical Repositories

 Module 12: SQL Repository Caching

 Module 13: Introduction to Core Commerce and the Product Catalog

 Module 14: Extending the Product Catalog

 Module 15: The User Profile

 Module 16: Custom Form Handlers and Transactions

 Module 17: Pipeline Processors

 Module 18: REST Web Services

Oracle Commerce: Platform Fundamentals for Developers Rel 11.1 Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of the web development process
  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Understanding of application architecture, tiers, layers, and design
  • Familiarity with concepts related to Apache Tomcat and Weblogic servers
  • Knowledge of source code control and versioning systems
  • Experience with basic debugging tools such as Firefox Firebug or Chrome Inspector
  • Experience with an editor such as Text Wrangler or Notepad++ to view .jsp and .js files

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