Oracle Coherence 12c: Share and Manage Data in Clusters Ed 1.1

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle Coherence 12c: Share and Manage Data in Clusters Ed 1.1 Course Overview:

The Oracle Coherence 12c: Share and Manage Data in Clusters Ed 1.1 course is designed to equip learners with the necessary skills for in-memory data management and data sharing using Oracle Coherence 12c. It covers cluster deployment, distributed data structures, Java Coherence API, monitoring, tuning, and optimization techniques. Participants will learn to set up Coherence in virtual and cluster environments, deploy distributed caches, and maintain them. The course is beneficial for application developers, administrators, and operational support personnel with some knowledge of Java, operating systems, and networking, seeking detailed knowledge of Oracle Coherence 12c for efficient and reliable system management.

Intended Audience:

  1. Software developers and architects
  2. System administrators
  3. Database administrators
  4. DevOps engineers
  5. Participants with a basic understanding of Java and object-oriented programming
  6. Individuals familiar with principles of databases, messaging, and distributed computing
  7. Those seeking to enhance their knowledge of the Oracle Coherence platform.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Coherence 12c: Share and Manage Data in Clusters Ed 1.1:

  • Deploy, monitor, and manage Oracle Coherence in clustered and non-clustered environments
  • Distribute/replicate data across clusters and keep data sets synchronized
  • Leverage the Oracle Coherence data grid for data sharing among systems or applications
  • Configure and customize Oracle Coherence for optimal performance
  • Compress data to reduce network traffic
  • Implement distributed caching strategies to improve application performance
  • Utilize the data fabric APIs and partitioned data sets to safely query and update data
  • Utilize event processing to build fault tolerant applications
  • Take advantage of synchronization features to ensure guaranteed delivery
 Module 1: Introduction to Coherence
  • Performance Concepts, Caching and Scalability
  • Introduction to Coherence
  • Coherence Concepts
  • Coherence Terms and Technologies
  • Coherence Installation
  • Working with Caches
  • Configuring a Simple Cluster
  • Developing Coherence Applications
  • Accessing Coherenc
  • Developing Objects
  • Improving Performance Using Custom Serialization
  • Coherence Cache Topologies
  • Cache Configuration Concepts
  • What is a Topology?
  • Choosing the Right Cache
  • Elastic Data
  • Coherence Event Model Concepts
  • Live Events
  • Map Listeners
  • Map Triggers
  • Continuous Query Cache
  • Coherence Filters
  • Sorting and Aggregating
  • Coherence Query Language
  • Improving Query Performance Using Explain Plans and Trace
  • Managing Concurrent Access to Data
  • EntryProcessors Concepts
  • EntryProcessors Development and Registration
  • Partition Level Transactions
  • Invocation Services
  • Persisting Data to a Database
  • Data Source Integration
  • Coherence and JPA
  • The GoldenGate Adapter for Coherence
  • Evolution of Data Grid Design Patterns
  • Single vs Multiple Application Instances
  • Local Caching Pattern
  • Distributed Caching Pattern
  • Cache Aside and Read-Through Pattern
  • Write Thru Pattern
  • Near Caching and Client Side Processing Patterns
  • Server Side Processing and Distributed Computing Patterns
  • Exposing Data using REST
  • Deploying REST Applications Using Proxies
  • Deploying REST Applications Using WLS Proxies
  • Accessing REST Objects
  • Securing REST
  • Coherence Container for WLS
  • Coherence Cluster
  • Managed Coherence Servers
  • Grid ARchives
  • Deploying GARs
  • Coherence*Web
  • Concepts
  • Configure and Run Coherence*Extend
  • Developing *Extend Clients
  • Simplifying and Tuning Coherence*Extend Configuration
  • Security Overview
  • Cluster Security
  • Access Control
  • Coherence*Extend Security

Oracle Coherence 12c: Share and Manage Data in Clusters Ed 1.1 Course Prerequisites:

• Understand Oracle WebLogic Server 12c
• Working understanding of computer clustering technology
• Working understanding of distributed application deployments
• Working understanding of storage and memory management
• Working understanding of networking and security
• Familiarity with basic Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) architecture
• Knowledge of backup and recovery strategies
• Working experience with Java EE 6 or higher

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