Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer Course Overview:

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer Certification is a professional credential that verifies a candidate’s proficiency in developing, implementing, and maintaining cloud-based applications and services on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform. This certification demonstrates their expertise in creating and configuring diverse cloud solutions, encompassing foundational infrastructure, database systems, and software development. Industries use this certification as a standard to identify professionals capable of managing cloud-based enterprise workflows, handling cloud databases, and ensuring peak performance of deployed applications. Certified individuals are recognized for their valuable contributions to an organization’s IT efficiency and productivity through effective utilization of Oracle’s cloud services.

Intended Audience:

  • Experienced IT professionals seeking to enhance their cloud computing skills.
  • Software developers and engineers involved with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Cloud infrastructure consultants and administrators.
  • IT project managers overseeing cloud migration or implementation.
  • System integrators working on Oracle Cloud solutions.
  • IT graduates looking to specialize in cloud development.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer:

The learning objectives of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer course involve providing students with comprehensive knowledge of developing, implementing, and maintaining applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. They will gain expertise in managing cloud-based databases, creating cloud-native applications, and understanding Oracle’s cloud security mechanisms, along with working with various Oracle cloud services. The course will also focus on leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve control. By the end of this course, students will have honed their skills in innovating, experimenting, and building reliable and scalable solutions using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Module 1: Cloud Native Fundamentals

  • Explain the fundamentals of cloud native and discuss the key pillars of cloud native development.
  • Explain the microservices architecture and discuss the design methodology of microservices.

Module 2: Cloud Native Applications and Containerization

  • Explain Docker and the concepts around its architecture and components.
  • Use OCIR (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry) to pull and push container images.
  • Explain DevOps and discuss the role of container orchestration.
  • Develop and deploy containerized applications on Oracle Kubernetes Engine (OKE).

Module 3: Leveraging Serverless Technologies for Cloud Native Development

  • Develop Serverless Applications with Oracle Functions.
  • Create API gateways to process traffic from API clients and route it to back-end services.
  • Create integrations between systems using OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) streaming service.
  • Build event-driven serverless applications using OCI event service.

Module 4: Testing and Securing Cloud Native Applications

  • Explain cloud-native testing and discuss measures for testing cloud-native applications.
  • Discuss various strategies for testing cloud-native applications.
  • Use OCI Vault service to securely store and manage encryption keys and sensitive configuration information.
  • Apply security measures to overcome challenges with cloud-native development.

Module 5: Monitoring & Troubleshooting Cloud Native Applications

  • Utilize OCI Monitoring service to view metrics.
  • Use OCI Logging service to enable, manage, and search logs.
  • Perform tasks around Monitoring, Logging, and Tracing to troubleshoot and optimize cloud-native applications.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of cloud computing
• Familiarity with core OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) services
• Knowledge in software development and Oracle Database
• Ability to execute common tasks in Oracle Cloud
• Conceptual understanding of architectural principles of OCI
• Practice with Oracle technologies, services, and applications.

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