Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer Professional: Hands-on Workshop

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer Professional: Hands-on Workshop Course Overview:

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer Professional: Hands-on Workshop certification is designed for professionals who work with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services to design and develop cloud-native applications. This certification validates the knowledge of using OCI services to build, test, and deploy applications. It covers fundamental concepts like computing, storage, databases, networking, application services, and architecture.

Industries leverage this certification to take advantage of Oracle Cloud’s service capabilities, leading to optimized operational efficiency, cost reduction, and the development of high-performing applications. The expertise demonstrated through this certification empowers industries to ensure their developers are fully equipped to utilize OCI effectively, resulting in improved business outcomes.

Intended Audience:

  • Experienced software developers
  • IT professionals seeking advancement
  • Those looking to learn about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Individuals interested in cloud development
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure users wanting to improve skills
  • Corporates for employee skill enhancement
  • Tech enthusiasts aiming to explore cloud infrastructure platforms.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer Professional: Hands-on Workshop:

The primary learning objectives of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer Professional: Hands-on Workshop course are:

  • Mastering the principles and concepts of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).
  • Gaining hands-on experience in developing Oracle Cloud applications.
  • Learning to manage and migrate OCI resources effectively.
  • Ensuring the availability and security of OCI environments.
  • Preparing participants for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer Professional exam by exploring exam topics in depth.
  • Understanding cloud computing concepts and the basics of OCI configuration and management.
  • Exploring OCI service capabilities, including compute, storage, networking, and databases.

Module 1: Introduction to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

  • Overview of OCI
  • OCI Architecture and Components
  • OCI Services
  • OCI Regions

Module 2: OCI Compute

  • Creating and Managing Compute Instances
  • Using Compute Images
  • Creating and Managing Instance Configurations
  • Launching Instances

Module 3: OCI Networking

  • Creating and Managing Virtual Cloud Networks (VCNs)
  • Understanding Subnets
  • Creating and Managing Load Balancers
  • Creating and Managing Security Lists

Module 4: OCI Storage

  • OCI Storage Services
  • Block Volumes and Object Storage
  • Creating and Managing Storage Volumes

Module 5: OCI Identity and Access Management (IAM)

  • Managing IAM Users and Groups
  • Configuring IAM Policies
  • Integrating IAM with OCI Services
  • Understanding Authentication and Authorization in OCI

Module 6: Application Deployment on OCI

  • Deploying Applications on OCI
  • Using OCI Developer Tools
  • Using DevOps Tools on OCI
  • Managing and Monitoring Applications on OCI

Module 7: Advanced OCI Concepts

  • OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes
  • Using Serverless Computing on OCI
  • Understanding and Using OCI Marketplace

Module 8: Best Practices for OCI

  • Security Best Practices
  • Optimization Best Practices
  • Cost Optimization Best Practices
  • Disaster Recovery Best Practices

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer Professional: Hands-on Workshop Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of cloud concepts
  • Knowledge of Core OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) services
  • Experience with software development fundamentals
  • Familiarity with OCI Developer tools and DevOps concepts
  • Ability to use Java, Python, or other OCI supported languages
  • Understanding of networking, virtualization, and databases.

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