Oracle Campus Solutions 9.2 Delta/New Features Ed 1

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Oracle Campus Solutions 9.2 Delta/New Features Ed 1 Course Overview:

The Oracle Campus Solutions 9.2 Delta/New Features Ed 1 certification underscores expertise in the updates and novel functionalities within the Oracle Campus Solutions 9.2 software—a comprehensive suite covering the entire student life-cycle. This qualification empowers individuals to grasp improvements in existing modules and integration of fresh features, facilitating proficient implementation and administration of these solutions in educational settings. Industries adopt this certification to ensure seamless operations, heightened productivity, and elevated educational service quality. Certificate holders exhibit adeptness in navigating upgraded software, contributing innovative educational solutions, and effectively adapting to evolving technological landscapes.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals working with Oracle products.
  • Oracle Campus Solutions administrators.
  • Technical consultants implementing Oracle solutions in educational institutions.
  • Functional implementers in need of understanding new features of Oracle Campus Solutions 9.2.
  • End users intending to upgrade or improve their Oracle Campus Solutions usage.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Campus Solutions 9.2 Delta/New Features Ed 1:

The educational aims of the Oracle Campus Solutions 9.2 Delta/New Features Ed 1 course are centered on enabling students to comprehend and harness the novel functionalities introduced through the Oracle Campus Solutions 9.2 upgrade. Upon course completion, participants should possess the aptitude to proficiently deploy, oversee, and tailor emerging features like the Fluid User Interface, Activity Guides, and WorkCenters. Additionally, students will demonstrate the capacity to grasp enhancements within the Academic Advisement module and adeptly manage upgrades through PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM). The overarching objective is to enhance efficiency and rationalize administrative procedures within educational institutions.

 Module 1: Describing Architectural, Navigational and Global Enhancements

 Module 2: Describing Enhancements to Campus Community

  • Campus Community Integrations
  • 3Cs Delete
  • Rules Engine, Affiliations, Delegated Access, and Evaluation Management Frameworks
  • Student Activity Guides

 Module 3: Describing Enhancements to Recruiting and Admissions

  • Constituent Web Services
  • Constituent Transaction Management
  • Common Attribute Framework
  • Data Load Transactions using File Parser

 Module 4: Describing Enhancements to Student Records

  • Block Enrollment
  • Post Enrollment Requisite Checking (PERC)
  • Program Enrollment
  • Activity Management
  • Research Tracking and Student Academic Projects
  • Graduation Tracking

 Module 5: Describing Enhancements to Academic Advisement

  • What-If Advisement Reports for Transfer Students
  • Advisor Notes

 Module 6: Describing Enhancements to Student Financials

  • Tuition Calculation Control Enhancements
  • Cashiering
  • Third Party Contracts
  • Tuition Waiver Enhancement
  • General Ledger Enhancements

 Module 7: Describing Enhancements to Financial Aid

 Module 8: Review of Campus Solutions R9.2 Enhancements

Oracle Campus Solutions 9.2 Delta/New Features Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of Oracle Campus Solutions 9.0.
  • Familiarity with Oracle application’s architecture.
  • Understanding of PeopleSoft Enterprise applications.
  • Grasp of relational database concepts.
  • Experience in SQL and PS Query language.
  • Prior attendance in Oracle PeopleSoft training courses helpful.

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