Oracle Autonomous Database Workshop Ed 2

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Oracle Autonomous Database Workshop Ed 2 Course Overview:

The Oracle Autonomous Database Workshop Ed 2 certification demonstrates expertise in managing and controlling an autonomous database. It focuses on the Oracle Autonomous Database, a cutting-edge, self-driving database designed to automate critical tasks such as patching, tuning, and upgrading. This automation reduces complexity, minimizes human error, and eliminates the need for manual management.

The certification enables professionals to create an environment where data can self-manage and self-secure, ensuring consistent high performance. Industries leverage this technology for various purposes, including financial data analysis, predictive modeling, reporting, and database consolidation.

Intended Audience:

• Database administrators
• IT professionals interested in autonomous database
• Data engineers or developers seeking to enhance their database skills
• Experienced professionals eager to adapt to innovative database solutions
• IT decision-makers or managers considering Autonomous Database implementation
• System analysts specializing in database operations
• Professionals preparing for Oracle Autonomous Database certification.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Autonomous Database Workshop Ed 2:

The learning objectives of the Oracle Autonomous Database Workshop Ed 2 course are as follows:

  1. Understand the architecture of Oracle’s Autonomous Database and its components.
  2. Learn how to provision, connect, and migrate data to the Autonomous Database.
  3. Acquire skills in database management operations, including scaling, monitoring, and patching.
  4. Utilize advanced analytics and machine learning features available within the Autonomous Database.
  5. Differentiate when to use Autonomous Data Warehouse and Autonomous Transaction Processing for specific use cases.

 Module 1: Oracle Cloud Platform for Database in the Cloud

 Module 2: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Essentials

 Module 3: Oracle Autonomous Database Overview

 Module 4: Provisioning an Oracle Autonomous Database

 Module 5: Connecting to Autonomous Database

 Module 6: Data Loading and Querying External Data

 Module 7: Managing Users

 Module 8: Using Oracle Machine Learning with Autonomous Database

 Module 9: Monitoring and Managing Autonomous Database

 Module 10: Backing Up and Restoring an Autonomous Database

 Module 11: Starting, Stopping, Scaling, and Terminating an Autonomous Database

 Module 12: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security

 Module 13: Managing an Autonomous Database Using Command Utilities and APIs

 Module 14: Migrating Oracle Databases to Autonomous Database: Overview

 Module 15: Oracle Autonomous Database: Use Cases

Oracle Autonomous Database Workshop Ed 2 Course Prerequisites:

• Basic knowledge of cloud computing concepts
• Understanding of database technology and principles
• Knowledge of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) fundamentals
• Familiarity with SQL and PL/SQL languages
• Experience working with Oracle databases and related technologies.

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