Oracle Agile 9.3.x Product Governance & Compliance Ed 1

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Oracle Agile 9.3.x Product Governance & Compliance Ed 1 Course Overview:

The Oracle Agile 9.3.x Product Governance & Compliance Ed 1 certification is a prestigious and industry-recognized credential that validates an individual’s expertise in Oracle’s Agile product lifecycle management solutions. This certification focuses on Agile 9.3.X product governance and compliance, delving into its functionalities, features, and methodologies. Industries rely on this certification to ensure professionals can establish, manage, and maintain effective compliance systems within the Oracle Agile environment. This streamlines processes, reduces risks, and ensures products meet all regulatory and company standards, playing a critical role in enhancing product management and compliance roles in industries.

Intended Audience:

  • Product Managers and Administrators seeking proficiency in Oracle Agile 9.3.x Product Governance.
  • Regulatory and Compliance officers leveraging Oracle Agile technologies.
  • Individuals preparing for Oracle certification exams related to Product Governance and Compliance.
  • IT professionals involved in product lifecycle management.
  • Quality Control Managers aiming to enhance product compliance processes.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Agile 9.3.x Product Governance & Compliance Ed 1:

The learning objectives for the Oracle Agile 9.3.x Product Governance & Compliance Ed 1 course aim to ensure participants comprehend the use and configuration of the Oracle Agile system concerning product governance and compliance. Learners will be taught how to navigate the system, implement data security, and utilize various features for project management and quality control functionality. The course provides comprehensive knowledge of carrying out administrative tasks, understanding the system’s architecture, and tailoring it to fit different organizational structures. Upon completion of this course, participants should be proficient in effectively applying Oracle Agile for their company’s product lifecycle management and compliance requirements.

  • Add substances of concern and regulation specifications to the system.
  • Invoke the system compliance calculation engine.
  • Run compliance reports.
  • Understand the Request For Information (RFI) process.
  • Identify the steps, people, and objects in the RFI process.
  • Perform the RFI process using Agile.
  • Create specifications, materials, and substances.
  • Create declarations.
  • Add substance and material information to declarations.
  • Review compliance response data and publish to your product record.
  • Generate product compliance reports.
  • Use external rollup for REACH.
  • Understand the compliance rollup process.

Oracle Agile 9.3.x Product Governance & Compliance Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of Oracle Database
• Prior experience with Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management
• Knowledge of product governance and compliance concepts
• Familiarity with Agile Product Lifecycle Management 9.3.x Platform
• Computer literacy and basic IT skills.

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