Oracle Access Manager 11g R2: Advanced Administration Workshop Ed 2

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle Access Manager 11g R2: Advanced Administration Workshop Ed 2 Course Overview:

The Oracle Access Manager 11g R2: Advanced Administration Workshop Ed 2 certification is centered on Oracle’s vital Identity and Access Management component, Access Manager. Focused on advanced administration and security, it demonstrates mastery of intricate administrative tasks and protective measures within the access management framework. This certification underscores adeptness in setup, configuration, troubleshooting, and supervision of intricate OAM environments. Industries harness this certification for fortified access management, seamless single sign-on, identity contextualization, and fraud prevention across enterprise applications. Attaining this credential showcases an individual’s capacity to optimize access security, thereby heightening efficiency and safeguarding Oracle-based systems within their organization.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals working in system administration
  • Database administrators seeking advanced proficiency
  • Security administrators managing access and identity
  • Network administrators keen on improving security practices
  • IT project managers overseeing database or security management projects
  • Professionals preparing for Oracle certification exams
  • IT consultants planning to specialize in database administration.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Access Manager 11g R2: Advanced Administration Workshop Ed 2:

The course’s core aim is to impart advanced knowledge and skills for adeptly administering, managing, and maintaining an Oracle Access Manager 11g R2 environment. Participants will attain proficiency in diagnosing system issues, configuring server parameters, policy management, session handling, and data source control. Furthermore, learning objectives encompass utilizing logs and SNMP for vigilant system activity monitoring and performance enhancement. Learners will also grasp techniques for reinforcing system security, executing backup and recovery protocols, and harnessing the new features and capabilities within Oracle Access Manager 11g R2 PS3. Ultimately, the course endeavors to provide hands-on exposure, granting participants practical insights and experience in real-world scenarios.

 Module 1: Upgrade OAM 11g R1 to OAM 11g R2

  • Review policy configuration in the R1 OAM domain
  • Upgrade from OAM 11g R1 PS6 to OAM 11g R2 PS3
  • Validate policies and operations post-upgrade

 Module 2: Move OAM domain from test to production environment

  • Copy the binaries from the test machine
  • Create the archive of the Oracle Weblogic Server domain configuration, the OHS instance configuration, and the OAM policy data on the test machine
  • Create the OAM product metadata repository on the production machine
  • Import the metadata and OAM policy data in the production database
  • Configure the OAM Domain by using the configuration that you copied from the test machine
  • Configure the OHS instance on the production machine using the configuration that you copied from the test machine

 Module 3: Configure High Availability for OAM domain

  • Create OAM Cluster
  • Add the existing OAM Server to the cluster and target applications and data sources to the cluster
  • Create a second Oracle Access Manager server instance
  • Instantiate the second OAM Server in the cluster
  • Set request cache type
  • Create a new OHS Instance as load-balancer for Oracle Access Manager server instances
  • Modify and reconfigure the definition for Oracle Access Manager 11g WebGate
  • Test HA deployment

 Module 4: Enable Windows Native Authentication (WNA) with OAM using multi-domain Active Directory (AD) deployment architecture

  • Study the multi-domain AD configuration with transitive trust relationship
  • Create OAM system accounts in AD
  • Create keytab file and modify krb5.conf files
  • Configure parameter values for the custom authentication module for the Kerberos Plug-in
  • Modify the authentication scheme and protected application domain to use the Kerberos plug-in
  • Set custom logging to troubleshoot any WNA Kerberos Issues
  • Test WNA for users on both AD domains

 Module 5: Integrate Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM) with OAM for strong authenticationcapabilities

  • Extend OAM domain to configure OAAM
  • Register the OAAM Server as a Partner Application with OAM
  • Validate the TAPScheme Definition in Oracle Access Manager
  • Run to configure OAM for TAP integration
  • Protect a Resource with the TAP Scheme
  • Set Up One Time Pin (OTP)
  • Configure OTP challenge for step-up authentication usecase
  • Validate Strong authentication capabilities of OAAM

 Module 6: Setup Oracle Mobile service with OAM

  • Configure OAM domain for Mobile Support
  • Enable Adaptive Authentication Service
  • Perform OTP using the Oracle Mobile Authenticator
  • Create moble application profile entry
  • Create pre and post authentication rules

 Module 7: Configure OAM for Federated Login using SAML

  • Extend OAM for federation support
  • Configure the identity provider
  • Configure the service provider
  • Configure policy for federated login
  • Test login to service provider using SAML assertion

 Module 8: Monitor and Tune Performance for OAM

  • Use performance monitoring tools: DMS Spy, Enterprise Manager, and JConsole
  • Monitor and tune performance for JVM, OAM, Coherence, OUD and WLS data sources
  • Configure testing tool to simulate a workload for the environment

Oracle Access Manager 11g R2: Advanced Administration Workshop Ed 2 Course Prerequisites:

• Working knowledge of Oracle Access Manager 11g.
• Basic understanding of Oracle Identity Governance 11g.
• Fundamental technical expertise in WebLogic Server.
• Familiarity with LDAP directory services.
• Knowledge of Oracle Unified Directory 11g.
• Experience with UNIX/Linux operating systems.
• Basic understanding of networking protocols.

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