NetSuite Customer Service Management

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

NetSuite Customer Service Management Course Overview:

The NetSuite Customer Service Management course provides a comprehensive solution for efficiently managing customer service operations. It covers various topics, including managing customer records, tracking interactions, creating detailed service reports, and handling customer service tickets.

The course includes setting up customer records, understanding NetSuite customer service management basics, and managing service tickets, activities, and other functions. It also covers creating service reports and handling customer service emails.

Upon completing the course, students can effectively use NetSuite for customer service jobs, provide efficient customer service, and build stronger customer relationships. The training equips them with the necessary skills to optimize customer service operations using the NetSuite platform.

Intended Audience:

  • Personnel in customer service roles
  • Customer service managers
  • Front-line customer success managers
  • Customer engagement teams
  • Customer support teams
  • Departmental managers and leaders overseeing customer service operations
  • Customer experience executives
  • Sales personnel
  • Finance and accounting personnel involved in customer service operations
  • IT staff, developers, and system administrators supporting customer needs and personalizing the customer service experience.

Learning Objectives of NetSuite Customer Service Management:

NetSuite Customer Service Management training enables learners to efficiently manage customer service operations. Objectives of this training include:
1) Understand the fundamentals of NetSuite Customer Service Management, including record types, fields, forms, and reports.
2) Learn to customize customer service related processes and workflows in the system.
3) Set up custom security roles to ensure appropriate access to the customer service module.
4) Learn to respond accurately and professionally to customer inquiries and complaints.
5) Utilize the advanced features within NetSuite Customer Service Management to maximize user efficiency.
6) Develop key performance indicators and reports to track customer service performance.
7) Automate customer service processes with integration to other systems.
8) Create and manage service contracts.
9) Optimize customer service operations through analytics and business intelligence.

Module 1: Introduction to NetSuite Customer Service Management

  • Overview of NetSuite Customer Service Management
  • Features of NetSuite Customer Service Management
  • Benefits of using NetSuite Customer Service Management

Module 2: Setting Up Case Management

  • Creating Case Types
  • Creating Case Origins
  • Creating Case Statuses
  • Creating Case Priorities
  • Creating Case Issues
  • Offering Support for Items
  • Setting Up Support Groups
  • Creating Case Rules
  • Creating Case Territories
  • Assigning Priorities to Territories
  • Setting Case Escalation Rules and Assignments
  • Using Email Case Capture
  • Online Case Forms
  • Customizing Case Forms
  • Customizing Support Notification Email
  • Setting Customer Service Preferences
  • Setting Up Customer Support in NetSuite OneWorld

Module 3: Working With Cases

  • Filtering the Cases List
  • Case Flowchart
  • Create Cases
  • Assigning Cases
  • Escalating Cases
  • Locking Closed Cases
  • Tracking Time on Cases
  • Responding to Customer Cases
  • Customer Responses to Cases
  • Close Cases
  • Merging Cases
  • Deleting Cases

Module 4: Issue Management

  • Issue Management Overview
  • Issue Management Setup Checklist
  • Getting Started With Issue Management
  • Setting Issue Management Preferences
  • Setting Up Issue Statuses
  • Creating an Issue External Status
  • Setting Up Issue Severities
  • Setting Up Issue Priorities
  • Setting Up Issue Types
  • Setting Up Issue Sources
  • Setting Up Issue Reproducibility
  • Setting Up Issue Tags
  • Working with Products and Modules
  • Creating Issue Role Types
  • Managing Issue Status Transitions
  • Creating Employee Groups for Issues
  • Customizing Issue Notification Email
  • Logging Issues
  • Linking Issues with Cases
  • Working with Related Issues

Module 5: Knowledge Base

  • Knowledge Base Setup Checklist
  • Setting Up a Knowledge Base
  • Creating Knowledge Base Topics
  • Creating Knowledge Base Solutions
  • Publishing a Knowledge Base
  • Arranging Solutions in a Published Knowledge Base
  • Attaching Knowledge Base Solutions to Cases

Module 6: Monitoring Support Performance

  • Case Alerts on Support Cases
  • Performance Metrics for Support Cases
  • Support Reports

NetSuite Customer Service Management Course Prerequisites:

There are no specific prerequisites for the NetSuite Customer Service Management Training course. Anyone familiar with the administration of NetSuite and the Sales and Service modules will benefit from the course.

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