MySQL for Developers Ed 5

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

MySQL for Developers Ed 5 Course Overview:

The MySQL for Developers Ed 5 certification is awarded to those showcasing adeptness in utilizing and developing applications integrating MySQL as a database management system. It involves comprehending MySQL components, mastering data manipulation and extraction, and honing skills in crafting and optimizing SQL queries. Within the industry, this certification serves as a gauge for the technical prowess of MySQL database professionals, influencing hiring choices. It guarantees developers’ grasp of both fundamental and advanced aspects of MySQL, encompassing security, performance, and replication, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the system’s intricacies.

Intended Audience:

  • Developers who want to understand MySQL in-depth
  • Existing MySQL users aiming to enhance their skills and knowledge
  • IT professionals exploring open-source database systems
  • Software engineers and database administrators focusing on MySQL
  • Computer science students wanting to learn database programming
  • Individuals planning to get MySQL developer certification

Learning Objectives of MySQL for Developers Ed 5:

The MySQL for Developers Ed 5 course is designed to provide participants with the skills to proficiently develop console and web applications using MySQL. The course’s learning objectives encompass comprehending the structure of the MySQL relational database, designing and establishing MySQL databases, and mastering efficient data querying and manipulation techniques. Participants will also gain expertise in utilizing MySQL stored routines, triggers, and events. Moreover, they will become familiar with managing MySQL error messages, optimizing query performance, and implementing robust security measures. Throughout the course, participants will be expected to apply this knowledge effectively in the comprehensive creation and management of MySQL databases for diverse applications across various platforms.

 Module 1: Introduction to MySQL

 Module 2: Connectors and APIs

 Module 3: Using Connectors

 Module 4: Prepared Statements

 Module 5: Handling Errors and Warnings

 Module 6: Building Database-Driven Web Applications

 Module 7: Tables and Views

 Module 8: Working with Strings

 Module 9: Working with Numeric and Temporal Data

 Module 10: Transactions

 Module 11: Optimizing Queries

 Module 12: Stored Routines

 Module 13: Triggers and Scheduled Events

 Module 14: Reporting

 Module 15: Spatial Data

 Module 16: JSON Data

 Module 17: Document Store

 Module 18: NoSQL

 Module 19: Conclusion

MySQL for Developers Ed 5 Course Prerequisites:

• Basic knowledge of MySQL or any relational database management system
• Familiarity with data warehousing concepts
• Understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL)
• Experience in application development (Java, .NET, etc.)
• Familiar with database concepts: tables, views, indexes, keys, queries
• Problem-solving skills in database context.

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