MySQL 8.0: Performance Tuning

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

MySQL 8.0: Performance Tuning Course Overview:

The MySQL 8.0: Performance Tuning certification is a professional accreditation that validates an individual’s expertise in optimizing the performance of MySQL 8.0, a widely-used relational database management system. This certification confirms an individual’s ability to fine-tune MySQL Server, design and optimize SQL statements and schemas, and utilize MySQL 8.0 features efficiently to achieve maximum performance.

Industries value this certification as it serves as a benchmark for identifying skilled professionals capable of enhancing database performance, reducing total cost of ownership, ensuring smooth operations, and improving end-user experience. Certified professionals are recognized for their proficiency in maintaining, troubleshooting, and optimizing MySQL databases.

Intended Audience:

  • Database administrators looking to optimize system performance
  • IT professionals working with MySQL 8.0
  • Software developers wanting to enhance their knowledge on efficient database usage
  • Information technology students specializing in databases
  • Professionals planning on transitioning to MySQL 8.0
  • Network engineers seeking to improve data handling capabilities

Learning Objectives of MySQL 8.0: Performance Tuning:

The primary learning objectives of the MySQL 8.0: Performance Tuning course are:

  1. Deep Understanding of MySQL Performance Tuning Techniques: Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of various performance tuning techniques specific to MySQL databases.
  2. Analyzing and Optimizing Database Performance: Learners will learn how to analyze the performance of their MySQL databases and apply optimization strategies to improve efficiency.
  3. Query Tuning: The course will cover query optimization techniques to enhance the execution speed of MySQL queries.
  4. Index Tuning: Participants will learn how to design and optimize indexes to improve query performance and reduce query execution time.
  5. Server Parameters Optimization: Learners will explore tuning server parameters and configuration settings to optimize MySQL server performance.
  6. Database Design Optimization for Efficiency: The course will focus on best practices for database design to ensure optimal performance and scalability.
  7. Understanding Performance Schema and Sys Schema: Participants will gain knowledge of Performance Schema and Sys Schema to monitor and troubleshoot database performance.
  8. Managing Efficient and High-Performing MySQL Databases: The ultimate objective is for participants to become proficient in managing MySQL databases that deliver high performance, speed, scalability, and reliability for their applications.

 Module 1: Introduction

 Module 2: Performance Tuning Concepts

 Module 3: Performance tuning

 Module 4: Performance tuning scheme

 Module 5: General server settings

 Module 6: Tuning tables, files and logs

 Module 7: Tuning InnoDB

 Module 8: Schema Optimization

 Module 9: Monitoring requests

 Module 10: Query Optimization

 Module 11: Optimization of blocking operations

 Module 12: Setting up replication

 Module 13: Conclusion

MySQL 8.0: Performance Tuning Course Prerequisites:

• Basic knowledge of SQL
• Understanding of MySQL Architecture
• Familiarity with MySQL Administration
• Practical experience with MySQL Server 8.0
• Knowledge of database concepts
• Clear understanding of the role of DBAs
• Familiarity with database design, programming concepts, and data manipulation.

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