Machine Learning on Oracle

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Machine Learning on Oracle Course Overview:

The Machine Learning on Oracle certification validates an individual’s proficiency in applying machine learning concepts and techniques using Oracle’s suite of tools and services. It demonstrates the ability to leverage Oracle’s resources for developing, deploying, and maintaining machine learning models within an organization. Industries use this certification to verify expertise in handling large datasets, designing predictive models, and optimizing algorithm performance on Oracle platforms. With widespread use of Oracle technologies in the business world, this certification equips professionals with the knowledge to capitalize on machine learning for better decision-making, increased efficiency, and task automation.

Intended Audience:

The target audience for Machine Learning on Oracle training includes:

  1. Data analysts
  2. Data scientists
  3. Database administrators
  4. Business analysts
  5. Software developers
  6. Professionals in business intelligence
  7. Professionals in data warehousing
  8. Professionals in big data
  9. IT managers
  10. Project leads

Learning Objectives of Machine Learning on Oracle:

The primary learning objectives of Machine Learning on Oracle training are:
1. Understanding the basics of machine learning and its role in enabling data-driven decision-making.
2. Gaining insights into Oracle Machine Learning (OML) tools and services, such as OML for Python, OML for R, and Oracle Data Miner.
3. Exploring techniques for data preparation, feature selection, and data transformation.
4. Learning and implementing various machine learning algorithms, such as regression, classification, clustering, and anomaly detection.
5. Mastering the integration of Oracle with machine learning processes, including model training, validation, and deployment.
6. Exploring best practices to optimize and manage machine learning models, ensuring quality results.
7. Developing skills in visualizations and analytics using Oracle tools to gain insights from data.
8. Enhancing collaboration and interpretable machine learning through Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud.
9. Gaining hands-on experience in real-world use cases to apply machine learning concepts in a practical context.
10. Strengthening problem-solving skills and developing expertise in utilizing Oracle for machine learning projects.

Module 01: Introduction to Oracle Machine
Learning and Oracle Autonomous Cloud Platform

Machine Learning on Oracle Course Prerequisites:

The Machine Learning on Oracle Training has no specific prerequisites mentioned. However, having a background in the following areas can help participants make the most of the training and apply the concepts effectively:

  • Basic understanding of Oracle Database: Familiarity with the Oracle Database environment, SQL queries, and PL/SQL will be beneficial for leveraging the platform for machine learning tasks.
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning Fundamentals: Understanding basic concepts of machine learning, such as supervised and unsupervised learning, feature selection, and model evaluation, will enable effective application using Oracle’s tools.
  • Programming Experience: Comfort with programming languages like Python or R can enhance interactions with the Oracle Machine Learning platform, although specific programming expertise is not mandatory for the training.
  • Familiarity with Data Science Tools: Experience in using data science libraries and tools like Pandas, NumPy, or Scikit-learn will aid in grasping the concepts taught in the Machine Learning on Oracle Training course.
  • Experience with Data Analysis: Basic knowledge of data manipulation, analysis, and visualization techniques will assist in preparing and analyzing data for machine learning tasks in the Oracle environment.

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