JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Rel 9.2

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Rel 9.2 Course Overview:

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Rel 9.2 certification affirms a person’s competence and comprehension of the Manufacturing module within the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software suite. The certification encompasses subjects like Planning, Product Data Management, Shop Floor Management, Material Requirements Planning, Quality Management, and others. This software significantly assists industries in ensuring seamless manufacturing operations, thereby enhancing productivity and effectiveness. Certified experts in this software possess proficiency in resource management, production planning, quality inspection, product data administration, and shop floor control. As a result, it holds substantial appeal for enterprises engaged in intricate manufacturing procedures.

Intended Audience:

• Manufacturing companies aiming to optimize their processes
• IT professionals specialized in enterprise resource planning (ERP)
• Business analysts focused on manufacturing operations
• Project managers overseeing manufacturing process implementations
• JD Edwards ERP users seeking advanced knowledge of the platform
• Operations managers wanting to expand their technical skillset.

Learning Objectives of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Rel 9.2:

The learning objectives of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Rel 9.2 course encompass a comprehensive exploration of the software’s capabilities in managing manufacturing operations. By the course’s completion, participants will attain the following proficiencies:

  1. Functional Understanding: Participants will develop a profound comprehension of the software’s functionalities, enabling them to effectively manage manufacturing operations.
  2. Demand Forecasting: Through practical exercises, participants will learn to utilize the system for accurate demand forecasting, a crucial aspect of efficient manufacturing planning.
  3. Production Planning: Participants will master the art of creating production plans using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manufacturing, ensuring optimized resource allocation.
  4. Work Order Scheduling: Through hands-on training, participants will learn to schedule work orders efficiently, contributing to streamlined production processes.
  5. Inventory Management: The course will equip participants with the skills to manage inventory effectively within the software, facilitating accurate tracking and minimizing stock-related challenges.
  6. Job Cost Tracking: Participants will learn to track job costs using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manufacturing, enhancing cost control and project profitability.
  7. Manufacturing Process Control: By leveraging the software, participants will gain the ability to efficiently plan and control the manufacturing process, ultimately increasing productivity and reducing costs.
  8. Integration with Business Processes: Participants will understand how JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manufacturing integrates with other critical business processes such as supply chain management, finance, and human resources.

Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on application, participants will emerge from the course well-versed in utilizing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Rel 9.2 for effective manufacturing planning, control, and integration with broader organizational functions. This skill set will empower them to contribute significantly to optimized manufacturing operations and overall business efficiency.

 Module 1: Introduction

 Module 2: Product Definition

 Module 3: Inventory Management Foundation

 Module 4: Procurement Overview

 Module 5: Advanced Procurement & MRP

 Module 6: Manufacturing – Beyond MRP

 Module 7: Manufacturing System Setup

 Module 8: Shop Floor Management

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Rel 9.2 Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of ERP concepts
• Familiarity with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Operations
• Prior experience with Manufacturing setups
• Knowledge of Material Planning and Management
• Sound understanding of manufacturing accounting
• Familiarity with JD Edwards Navigation and Core modules
• IT professionals aiming to validate their skills.

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