JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Development Tools I/II Accelerated Rel 9.2

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Development Tools I/II Accelerated Rel 9.2 Course Overview:

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Development Tools I/II Accelerated Rel 9.2 certification verifies an individual’s proficiency in utilizing the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne development toolset. This certification encompasses essential areas such as form design, report development, and overall system functionality. Proficiency in these tools enhances professionals’ appeal in sectors like software development, data management, and system integration. Enterprises adopt this certification to ascertain that their IT workforce is equipped with the expertise to maximize the potential of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software, thereby ensuring streamlined business operations. This widely recognized certification serves as evidence of a robust grasp of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne platform.

Intended Audience:

  1. Software developers familiar with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.
  2. IT professionals implementing, managing, or configuring JD Edwards applications.
  3. Individuals responsible for creating and maintaining EnterpriseOne applications.
  4. Technical consultants, software engineers, and application developers.
  5. Existing users seeking to update their knowledge to version 9.2.

Learning Objectives of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Development Tools I/II Accelerated Rel 9.2:

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Development Tools I/II Accelerated Rel 9.2 course is structured to achieve specific learning objectives. Participants will acquire the skills necessary to effectively customize, create, and troubleshoot system applications using the JD Edwards Development Tools. The curriculum covers essential topics including Table Design Aid, Form Design Aid, business functions, and debugging techniques. Additionally, participants will master advanced techniques such as Object Management Workbench and report building. The course aims to enhance participants’ comprehension of event rules and distributed applications, enabling them to contribute to business process improvement through efficient system development and management. By the course’s conclusion, participants will possess the expertise to proficiently navigate and utilize JD Edwards Development Tools to optimize system applications and support organizational needs.

 Module 1: Technology Overview

 Module 2: Identifying the Development Foundation

 Module 3: Using Object Management Workbench

 Module 4: Creating User Defined Codes and Next Numbers

 Module 5: Creating and Modifying Data Items

 Module 6: Creating Custom Tables

 Module 7: Creating Business Views

 Module 8: Describing Form Design Aid

 Module 9: Adding Applications to the EnterpriseOne Menu

 Module 10: Designing Event Rules

 Module 11: Designing Processing Options

 Module 12: Designing Error Messages

 Module 13: Developing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications

 Module 14: Designing Application-Defined Hot Keys

 Module 15: Using System Functions to Enhance Applications

 Module 16: Designing Combo Box Controls

 Module 17: Designing Business Functions

 Module 18: Implementing Table I/O

 Module 19: Describing Transaction Processing

 Module 20: Designing NERs and Reports for Referential Integrity

 Module 21: Using Visual Compare for Event Rules and FDA Compare to Compare Forms

 Module 22: Debugging Applications and Evaluating Application Performance

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Development Tools I/II Accelerated Rel 9.2 Course Prerequisites:

  • Individuals with basic knowledge of relational database structure.
  • Those familiar with programming languages like C or Java.
  • Professionals with an understanding of object-oriented programming.
  • Individuals with prior experience with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications.
  • Those with knowledge of the EnterpriseOne Pages framework.
  • Professionals familiar with JD Edwards toolset and CNC concepts.
  • Individuals with hands-on training or lab experience.

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