JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Capital Asset Management Rel 9.2

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Capital Asset Management Rel 9.2 Course Overview:

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Capital Asset Management Rel 9.2 certification is designed to provide professionals with extensive knowledge and technical expertise in effectively managing capital assets. This encompasses a comprehensive understanding of asset lifecycles, preventive maintenance strategies, equipment cost control, and related concepts. This certification holds particular significance for industries heavily reliant on their physical assets to ensure seamless operations and profitability. By attaining this certification, industries can enhance the predictability and dependability of their assets, optimize asset usage, minimize costs, ensure regulatory compliance, and elevate overall operational efficiency. Its application extends across diverse sectors such as manufacturing, construction, and oil and gas.

Intended Audience:

  • Professionals involved in asset management and maintenance.
  • Current users of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne seeking upgraded skills.
  • IT managers and executives seeking process improvements.
  • Asset management consulting professionals.
  • Staff involved in the financial aspect of asset tracking.
  • Technology professionals seeking knowledge in capital asset management applications.

Learning Objectives of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Capital Asset Management Rel 9.2:

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Capital Asset Management Rel 9.2 course is structured to achieve specific learning objectives. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of effectively utilizing and managing the software. The curriculum covers various aspects, including navigating the system, creating and managing assets, and optimizing maintenance operations. Participants will also receive training on enhancing equipment reliability and availability, managing maintenance costs, and ensuring adherence to safety and environmental regulations. Advanced topics will encompass utilizing analytics to monitor asset performance and predict future maintenance requirements. By the course’s conclusion, participants will possess the confidence to adeptly employ this valuable software tool for proficiently managing capital assets across various business contexts.

 Module 1: Business Process Overview

 Module 2: Setting Up General Options

 Module 3: Using Equipment Master Records

 Module 4: Defining Supplemental and Specification Data

 Module 5: Tracking Location Transfers, Site Information, and Customer Information

 Module 6: Setting Up Information for Work Orders

 Module 7: Entering Corrective Work Orders

 Module 8: Adding Parts Lists and Labor Details to Work Orders

 Module 9: Setting Up Maintenance Costing

 Module 10: Tracking Costs Against Work Orders

 Module 11: Working with Equipment Meter Readings

 Module 12: Creating Preventive Maintenance Schedules

 Module 13: Describing Condition-Based Maintenance

 Module 14: Setting Up Calendars, Resources, and Availability

 Module 15: Managing Crew Schedules

 Module 16: Setting Up for Failure Analysis

 Module 17: Using Failure Analysis with Work Orders

 Module 18: Describing Equipment Cost Analysis

 Module 19: Working With Work Order Mass Update for Equipment Work Orders

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Capital Asset Management Rel 9.2 Course Prerequisites:

• Basic knowledge of asset lifecycle management
• Understanding of fixed asset accounting and depreciation methods
• Familiarity with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system navigation
• Prior experience in Capital Asset Management would be beneficial
• Knowledge of the principles of asset maintenance and reliability.

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