JavaScript and HTML5: Develop Web Applications Ed 1

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

JavaScript and HTML5: Develop Web Applications Ed 1 Course Overview:

The JavaScript and HTML5: Develop Web Applications Ed 1 certification validates proficiency in crafting web applications utilizing JavaScript and HTML5. Encompassing scripting, event handling, document manipulation, graphical apps, data validation, and form handling, it also includes mastery of media API, Canvas API, and WebSockets protocol. This credential serves as a hiring benchmark for developers skilled in crafting responsive, user-centric, and effective web applications, offering a globally recognized advantage in the tech sector. Businesses benefit from improved web applications, gaining a competitive edge in the industry.

Intended Audience:

  • Web developers seeking to enhance their programming skills
  • Beginners interested in learning web development
  • Computer science students focusing on web-based applications
  • IT professionals wanting to expand their coding expertise
  • Individuals aiming for a career shift to web development

Learning Objectives of JavaScript and HTML5: Develop Web Applications Ed 1:

The JavaScript and HTML5: Develop Web Applications Ed 1 course aims to equip learners with essential knowledge and practical competencies vital for constructing responsive web applications. Participants will master the utilization of JavaScript to enhance interactivity and HTML5 to craft engaging web content. This encompasses manipulating the Document Object Model (DOM), managing user inputs, and handling data storage. The course introduces web standards, best practices, debugging, and unit testing techniques. Ultimately, participants will be empowered to independently develop interactive, user-centric, and resilient web applications from the ground up upon course completion.

 Module 1: Introduction

  • Knowing the objectives of the course
  • Setting up the Environment

 Module 2: Web Application Essentials

  • Creating HTML5 Applications in NetBeans
  • Running HTML pages and analizing them by using the browser’s development tools
  • Separating CSS and JavaScript content from HTML pages
  • Running HTML5 Applications in NetBeans
  • Practice: Creating HTML5 Web Applications with NetBeans 8
  • Practice: Separating JavaScript and CSS Resources

 Module 3: JavaScript Fundamentals

  • Writing JavaScript code to declare variables, objects, functions and arrays
  • Writing JavaScript Arrays to store data
  • Defining JavaScript Objects as a key-value store
  • Accessing the properties of an object
  • Practice: Writing JavaScript code to pass tests in Jasmine

 Module 4: Combining HTML5 and JavaScript in Web Applications

  • Creating HTML5 Documents
  • Creating HTML5 Forms to request information and process it
  • Validating HTML5 form input
  • Writing JavaScript functions for HTML5 events
  • Manipulating HTML5 elements through DOM
  • Practice: Writing JavaScript code to modify document elements

 Module 5: The JavaScript API

  • Validating user input with JavaScript and Regular Expressions
  • Handling multiple values with JavaScript Collections
  • Manipulating Dates with the JavaScript Date API
  • Practice: Creating a meal-divider application
  • Practice: Calculating the total based on the age

 Module 6: Web Application Data

  • Converting Objects to JSON Strings
  • Parsing JSON Strings into JavaScript Objects
  • Storing Objects by using the JSON API, Cookies, and Local Storage
  • Practice: Saving user input using JSON and Local Storage
  • Practice: Restoring saved data when page loads

 Module 7: Style Applications using CSS3 and JavaScript

  • Applying CSS styles to HTML documents
  • Using CSS3 features to add dynamic styles to elements with events
  • Using Media Queries and media data to adapt to different screens
  • Using JavaScript to add and remove styles from elements
  • Practice: Writing CSS rules to style elements in the document

 Module 8: Advanced JavaScript

  • Defining Functions
  • Creating Closures and explaining Variable Scope

 Module 9: AJAX and WebSocket

  • Using AJAX calls to create “Server Push” interactions
  • Identifying alternatives to AJAX used in legacy code
  • Understanding AJAX Security
  • Using WebSocket to create Real-time Client/Server interactions
  • Identifying the required Back-End technologies for REST and WebSocket with Java EE7
  • Practices: Creating a Single-Page Application using RESTand a Tic-Tac-Toe Game Client with WebSocket

 Module 10: Developing Applications with jQuery

  • Adding jQuery and jQuery UI libraries to your projects
  • Using Selectors and DOM manipulators to handle documents
  • Handling Events with jQuery
  • Animating elements and Applying effects in the document
  • Handling AJAX server responses

JavaScript and HTML5: Develop Web Applications Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of computer programming concepts.
• Familiarity with web/internet functioning.
• Knowledge of HTML programming.
• Basic skills in CSS and JavaScript.
• Prior experience with creating web pages.
• Understanding of web application development and structure.

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