Java EE 7: New Features

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Java EE 7: New Features Course Overview:

Java EE 7: New Features certification validates an individual’s expertise in utilizing the latest features introduced in Java EE 7 for enterprise application development. This includes areas like HTML5, WebSocket, JSON, batch API, and concurrency. Industries value this certification to assess a candidate’s ability to leverage new technologies, enhance application efficiency, and improve responsiveness. It confirms the holder’s in-depth understanding of Java EE 7 concepts, leading to more streamlined and effective project execution.

Intended Audience:

  • Experienced Java developers
  • IT professionals involved in Java application development
  • IT project managers proficient in Java programming
  • Java programmers seeking to update their skills
  • Software architects and engineers with Java platform experience
  • Developers looking to master Java’s enterprise edition.

Learning Objectives of Java EE 7: New Features:

The learning objectives of the Java EE 7: New Features course aim to familiarize individuals with the latest specifications and functionalities introduced in Java EE 7, providing them with the necessary knowledge to enhance productivity. Participants will gain an understanding of new features in various areas, such as JSON processing, WebSocket communication, batch processing, and improvements in RESTful web services, JSF, EJB, JPA, and CDI. By the end of the course, students should have a comprehensive understanding of how these new features can be implemented in their programming and software development processes. Additionally, the course intends to equip learners with practical skills to handle asynchronous tasks using the newly introduced concurrency utilities in Java EE 7.

 Module 1: Java EE 7 Overview
  • List of JSRs (What’s New, What’s Major Release and What’s Updated)
  • Pruned technologies – EJB Entity Beans, JAX-RPC 1.1, JAXR 1.0, and JSR-88 1.2
  • Web Profile Changes
  • New Default Connections for Database and JMS
  • Security Descriptor and Deployment Descriptor Changes
  • Overview of Common Annotations 1.1. How they consolidate and remove duplicates
  • New Client API
  • JAX-RS Server Side Improvements
  • JSON-P (new API)
  • JSF Changes
  • JSP Changes
  • EL Changes
  • Servlet Changes
  • Explain Web Service Limitations
  • WebSocket Explained
  • Creating WebSockets with Java
  • Client-side WebSocket with JavaScript
  • Client-side WebSocket with Java
  • EJB Improvements
  • CDI Changes
  • Bean Validation Improvements
  • JMS 2.0
  • Batch Applications (new API)
  • JPA Improvements

Java EE 7: New Features Course Prerequisites:

• Familiarity with Java SE features
• Proficiency in writing Java code
• Basic understanding of web applications and databases
• Knowledge of software development and principles
• Prior experience in Java programming
• Understanding of Java EE 6 architecture and APIs
• Knowledge of Java tools, servlets, and JSP.

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