ISO 50001:2018 Transition

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

ISO 50001:2018 Transition Course Overview:

The ISO 50001:2018 Transition training course is designed to help professionals understand the differences between the previous version, ISO 50001:2011, and the updated version, ISO 50001:2018. The training aims to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and expertise to assist organizations in smoothly transitioning their Energy Management Systems (EnMS) from ISO 50001:2011 to ISO 50001:2018.

The course covers the new concepts and requirements introduced in ISO 50001:2018, and participants will learn how to plan and implement the transition process effectively. By gaining a thorough understanding of the changes in the standard, professionals will be equipped to support organizations in upgrading their EnMS in a timely manner.

Upon completion of the training, participants can take the certification exam and earn the “PECB Certified ISO 50001:2018 Transition” credential. Holding this certificate demonstrates that individuals have practical knowledge and professional capabilities to successfully apply the ISO 50001:2018 changes to an existing EnMS. This certification signifies the individual’s ability to support organizations in implementing the updated EnMS requirements and ensuring compliance with the latest ISO 50001 standard.

Intended Audience:

  • Managers, trainers and/or consultants involved in an ISO 50001:2018 EnMS transition
  • Individuals responsible for the transition process from ISO 50001:2011 to ISO 50001:2018 
  • Auditors seeking to perform the ISO 50001:2018 transition certification

Learning Objectives of ISO 50001:2018 Transition:

  • Understanding Changes in ISO 50001:2018: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the key changes introduced in the ISO 50001:2018 standard compared to its previous version.
  • Context of the Organization: Understand how to identify and consider internal and external factors that may impact the energy management system (EnMS) and its performance.
  • Leadership and Commitment: Learn about the role of leadership in ensuring commitment to the EnMS, as well as the importance of integrating energy management into the organization’s strategic direction.
  • Risk-Based Thinking in Energy Management: Explore the concept of risk-based thinking in the context of energy management, emphasizing the identification, assessment, and management of risks to improve energy performance.
  • Integration with Business Processes: Understand how to integrate the EnMS with other business processes to ensure alignment with the organization’s overall goals and objectives.
  • Enhanced Documentation and Record-keeping: Learn about the revised documentation requirements, including documentation of the organization’s energy policy, objectives, and energy performance results.
  • Communication and Awareness: Understand the importance of effective communication and awareness programs to ensure that all levels of the organization are informed and engaged in the EnMS.
  • Life Cycle Perspective: Gain insights into the life cycle perspective of energy use within the organization, covering aspects from planning and design to operation, maintenance, and end-of-life considerations.
  • Performance Evaluation: Explore methods for monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation of energy performance, ensuring the effectiveness of the EnMS.
  • Internal Audit Process: Understand the internal audit process specific to ISO 50001:2018, including planning, conducting, and reporting on internal audits to assess the EnMS’s conformity and effectiveness.
  • Management Review: Learn about the revised requirements for management review, including the review of the EnMS’s suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness.
  • Continuous Improvement: Understand the principle of continual improvement in the context of energy management, encouraging regular review and enhancement of processes to achieve improved energy performance.

Day 1: Introduction to ISO 50001:2018
Day 2: ISO 50001:2018 clause by clause and Certification Exam

ISO 50001:2018 Transition Course Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites to participate in this training course.

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