ISO 37101 Lead Implementer

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

ISO 37101 Lead Implementer Course Overview

The ISO 37101 Lead Implementer certification is a professional qualification that empowers individuals with the expertise to implement and oversee a Sustainable Development in Communities Management System (SDCMS) based on ISO 37101. This standard offers guidance for developing strategies to enhance sustainability and resilience in cities, municipalities, and communities. Industries seek individuals with this certification to integrate sustainability principles into their planning and development approaches, promoting efficient resource utilization, environmental conservation, social responsibility, and economic viability. Lead implementers are adept at harmonizing various societal factors, encompassing infrastructure, environmental concerns, and societal needs, thereby driving the adoption of sustainable development policies across different industries. By holding this certification, professionals can actively contribute to creating a more sustainable and resilient future for communities and the planet.

Intended Audience

• Individuals involved in urban development and management.
• Managers seeking to improve sustainability performance.
• Sustainability consultants and auditors.
• Compliance officers and ISO 37101 auditors.
• Project Managers and Business Analysts.
• Professionals seeking career advancement in sustainability roles.
• Government officials working on urban sustainability projects.

Learning Objectives of ISO 37101 Lead Implementer

The learning objectives of the ISO 37101 Lead Implementer course are as follows:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the concepts, approaches, standards, methods, and techniques for effective management of a Sustainable Development in Communities Management System (SDCMS).
  • Master the components and operations of an SDCMS, including interpretation of ISO 37101 requirements.
  • Develop skills to implement and manage a SDCMS, ensuring compliance with ISO 37101 standards.
  • Acquire the ability to design and lead a compliance project focused on sustainable development in communities.
  • Learn to conduct audits and reviews to assess the effectiveness of the SDCMS and identify areas for improvement.
  • Develop expertise in managing the continual improvement process within the organization, driving sustainable development initiatives effectively.

By achieving these learning outcomes, participants in the ISO 37101 Lead Implementer course will be equipped to lead and implement sustainable development management systems in communities and organizations. They will play a vital role in promoting environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and economic viability, driving positive impacts in communities and fostering a culture of sustainable development.

Day 1: Introduction to ISO 37101 and initiation of an MSSDC
Day 2: Planning the implementation of an MSSDC
Day 3: Implementation of an MSSDC
Day 4: MSSDC monitoring, continual improvement, and preparation for the certification audit
Day 5: Certification exam

ISO 37101 Lead Implementer Course Prerequisites:

  • Solid understanding of ISO 37101
  • Experience in implementing and managing a sustainable development management system
  • Comprehensive knowledge of planning, implementing, managing, and controlling management systems based on ISO standards
  • Basic knowledge of IT and computer skills
  • Above 18 years old

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