ISO 37101 Foundation

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

ISO 37101 Foundation Course Overview

The ISO 37101 Foundation certification is a standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), offering guidance for sustainable development in communities. This certification covers a wide range of aspects, including social responsibility, water and energy management, infrastructure, and transportation. It presents a holistic approach to community sustainability, emphasizing economic, environmental, and social considerations. Industries utilize this certification to gain insights into their sustainable responsibilities and ensure compliance with sustainable practices. By implementing ISO 37101, businesses establish a framework to integrate sustainability into their daily operations, contributing to sustainable development and aligning with the interests of their community stakeholders. This certification fosters a culture of sustainability, enabling industries to actively contribute to the well-being of the environment and society.

Intended Audience

• Professionals in Urban Planning and Development
• Sustainability and Environmental Experts
• City Managers and Municipal Officials
• Policy Makers involved in Sustainable Development
• Compliance Officers and Auditors
• Consultants and Advisors in Sustainability
• Professionals in CSR and Sustainable Governance

Learning Objectives of ISO 37101 Foundation

The learning objectives of an ISO 37101 Foundation course encompass the following:

  • Understand the structure and functioning of an ISO 37101 sustainable development management system.
  • Gain knowledge about the concepts and approaches related to sustainable development.
  • Familiarize with the roles, responsibilities, and activities involved in implementing and managing an ISO 37101 system within an organization.
  • Acquire the basic knowledge required to actively participate in the development, implementation, and improvement of an ISO 37101 system.
  • Comprehend compliance requirements and promote awareness of sustainable development practices.
  • Prepare for internal and external audits related to the ISO 37101 standard.
  • Facilitate and contribute to sustainable development initiatives in cities and communities.

By achieving these learning outcomes, participants will be well-prepared to support and drive sustainable development efforts within their organizations and contribute to the betterment of communities and cities through effective implementation and management of ISO 37101 principles and practices. The course equips students to play an essential role in creating a more sustainable and resilient future for society and the environment.

Day 1: Introduction to the basic concepts of sustainable development in communities and clauses 4 to 6 of ISO 37101
Day 2: Clauses 7-10 of ISO 37101 and certificate exam

ISO 37101 Foundation Course Prerequisites

• Basic understanding of urban sustainable development principles
• Familiarity with management systems
• Knowledge of ISO standards
• Prior experience in public administration or sustainable development is advantageous.
• English proficiency for understanding course content.
• Adequate internet connection and technology for online training.

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