ISO 26000 Lead Auditor

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

ISO 26000 Lead Auditor Course Overview

The ISO 26000 Lead Auditor training provides a comprehensive understanding of the key principles and subjects of social responsibility necessary to audit the integration of a Social Responsibility Program (SRP) within an organization. This training equips participants with the expertise to measure an organization’s performance in terms of sustainable development, legal compliance, and societal welfare based on ISO 26000.

Through practical exercises, participants will master audit techniques and develop competency in managing an audit program, audit team, customer communication, and conflict resolution.

Upon completing the training and passing the exam, participants can obtain the “PECB Certified ISO 26000 Lead Auditor” credential. This certification demonstrates their capabilities and competencies to measure an organization’s SRP performance based on best practices, showcasing their expertise in assessing and promoting social responsibility within organizations.

Intended Audience

  • Auditors seeking to master the skills needed to measure an organization’s Social Responsibility performance
  • Managers or consultants seeking to master the audit of a Social Responsibility Program
  • Individuals responsible for integrating Social Responsibility behavior within an organization
  • Auditors seeking to gain comprehensive knowledge of Social Responsibility principles, core subjects and best practices 

Learning Objectives of ISO 26000 Lead Auditor

  • Understand the recent trends, characteristics and principles of social responsibility based on ISO 26000 guidelines
  • Acknowledge how organizations integrate social responsibility and how ISO 26000 guidelines complement it
  • Learn the core principles and subjects of social responsibility
  • Understand how ISO 26000 guidelines contribute to sustainable development
  • Understand an auditor’s role to: plan, lead and follow-up on an audit

Benefits of taking ISO 26000 Lead Auditor Training

Enhance Your Expertise in Social Responsibility Auditing

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of ISO 26000, the global standard for social responsibility (SR), and its auditing principles and methodologies.

Master the Art of Effective SR Auditing

  • Develop the skills to conduct comprehensive SR audits, identifying areas of compliance, non-compliance, and opportunities for improvement.

Become a Credible SR Audit Leader

  • Acquire the knowledge and expertise to lead SR audit teams, effectively managing and guiding the audit process to successful completion.

Empower Your Organization’s SR Performance

  • Enhance your organization’s ability to identify, assess, and mitigate SR risks, ensuring compliance with ISO 26000 requirements.

Day 1: Introduction to Social Responsibility Programs (SRP) and ISO 26000

  • Overview of Social Responsibility and its importance
  • Introduction to ISO 26000 and its key principles and subjects
  • Understanding the benefits of implementing SRP
  • Roles and responsibilities of an ISO 26000 Lead Auditor

Day 2: Audit Principles, Preparation, and Launching of an Audit

  • Overview of audit principles, including independence, fairness, and impartiality
  • Understanding the audit process and stages
  • Planning and preparing for an SRP audit
  • Launching the audit, including communication with auditee and audit team

Day 3: On-site Audit Activities

  • Conducting on-site audit activities
  • Gathering evidence and conducting interviews
  • Verifying compliance with ISO 26000 requirements
  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement

Day 4: Closing the Audit

  • Completing the audit process
  • Preparing audit findings and reports
  • Conducting an audit closing meeting
  • Handling non-conformities and corrective actions

Day 5: Certification Exam

  • The final day is dedicated to taking the certification exam to become a “PECB Certified ISO 26000 Lead Auditor.”
  • The exam will test the participants’ knowledge and understanding of ISO 26000 requirements and best practices in auditing SRP.

ISO 26000 Lead Auditor Course Prerequisites

A fundamental understating of ISO 26000 and comprehensive knowledge of audit principles. 

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