Hardening and Securing Oracle with Pete Finnigan

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Hardening and Securing Oracle with Pete Finnigan Course Overview:

The Hardening and Securing Oracle with Pete Finnigan certification is a widely recognized validation that signifies a strong expertise in Oracle database security. It encompasses advanced techniques for preventing security breaches, minimizing risks, enhancing system controls, and bolstering data protection. This certification emphasizes comprehending Oracle architecture, implementing security patches, managing user privileges, and conducting database auditing. The acquired knowledge is indispensable across various industries, as it aids in safeguarding sensitive data against potential cyber threats. This certification equips professionals with the capability to propose and enact robust security practices and policies, positioning them as invaluable assets in computer and data-related domains.

Intended Audience:

• Database administrators seeking advanced skills
• IT professionals managing Oracle databases
• Cybersecurity specialists enhancing database security
• Companies using Oracle wanting to improve their security posture
• Professionals preparing for Oracle security certifications
• IT consultants providing Oracle security solutions
• Government agencies that use or plan to use Oracle databases.

Learning Objectives of Hardening and Securing Oracle with Pete Finnigan:

The learning objectives of the Hardening and Securing Oracle with Pete Finnigan course are designed to equip students with in-depth knowledge and skill to successfully secure Oracle databases. Students will learn about Oracle database’s architecture, its security mechanisms, common security flaws, and potential threats. An integral part of the course tutorial is to educate students about various techniques to harden Oracle databases and to implement security patches for vulnerabilities effectively. Audit trails, password security and intrusion detection are also a part of the learning objectives. By the end of the course, participants should be adept at assessing the security of Oracle databases and mitigating potential risks.

  • Introduction to Data Insecurity: An overview of the systems under consideration, accompanied by practical demonstrations illustrating how data exposure, leakage, and theft can occur due to design choices and inadequate hardening.
  • Data Leakage: Exploration of data leakage mechanisms within Oracle systems, including aspects related to Oracle’s operation and incomplete security solutions. Categorization of data security levels (10/30/60) and analysis of the impact of data access and controls on overall security.
  • Sample Database Audit: A walk-through of running an audit scanner script with around 50 tests to identify vulnerabilities. Presentation of audit results.
  • Investigation: Examination of audit results, contextualizing potential solutions in terms of feasibility and cost. Detailed scrutiny of hardening and design issues, with a focus on reducing data-related risks.
  • Solutions for Data Lockdown: Implementation of design solutions within a sample system, encompassing aspects such as user privilege analysis, least privilege principles, user authentication, password protection, and DBA role/access management. Exploration of third-party and developer access techniques, break glass access, context-based security, and user provisioning.
  • Conclusions: Discussion of future steps, including automated scanning, comprehensive database lockdown, policy design, and their impact on both the database and application.

Hardening and Securing Oracle with Pete Finnigan Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of Oracle database and system administration tasks
• Familiarity with command-line interface operations
• Knowledge of computer networking and security concepts
• Understanding of SQL and PL/SQL language usage
• Experience or background in IT domains such as DBA, security, or technical support.

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