EDB Postgres Advanced Server v14

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

EDB Postgres Advanced Server v14 Course Overview:

The EDB Postgres Advanced Server v14 certification serves as a validation of expertise and knowledge in the PostgreSQL-based Database Management System. This certification focuses on verifying professionals’ capabilities in efficiently managing and operating EDB Postgres Advanced Server. Industries leverage this certification to establish objective assessments of their employees’ database management skills, ultimately ensuring efficiency and data security.

The certification covers essential concepts, including relational database fundamentals, database object management, and the utilization of advanced features specific to EDB Postgres Advanced Server. It serves as a benchmark of proficiency, aiding industries in recruiting qualified individuals and contributing to the advancement of their database infrastructure.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals seeking to upgrade their database management skills.
  • Database administrators who want to understand EDB Postgres Advanced Server v14.
  • Data engineers looking to enhance their knowledge of Postgres.
  • Developers requiring a deeper understanding of the Postgres database.
  • Corporations seeking training for their IT teams on EDB Postgres Advanced Server v14.

Learning Objectives of EDB Postgres Advanced Server v14:

The primary objective of the EDB Postgres Advanced Server v14 course is to educate and empower students with fundamental skills and knowledge about the latest version of EDB Postgres Advanced Server. The course encompasses the following key goals:

  • Understanding the Basics: Ensure students grasp the essentials, including installation and configuration processes.
  • Exploring Advanced Features: Take a deep dive into advanced features, focusing on enterprise-class performance and security enhancements.
  • Server Management and Troubleshooting: Equip learners with the skills to effectively manage and troubleshoot the server, addressing issues and optimizing performance.
  • Integration in Various Environments: Teach students about the integration of EDB Postgres in diverse business environments, showcasing its versatility.

By the course’s conclusion, students should possess the proficiency to efficiently set up, manage, and optimize the EDB Postgres environment within a business context.

 Module 1: Introduction

 Module 2: PostgreSQL System Architecture

 Module 3: Creating and Managing Databases

 Module 4: Installation

 Module 5: Configuration

 Module 6: Log Management

 Module 7: PSQL Commands

 Module 8: pgAdmin III

 Module 9: Tablespaces

 Module 10: Security

 Module 11: Backup and Recovery & Point-in Time Recovery

 Module 12: Postgres Data Dictionary

 Module 13: PostgreSQL API Connectivity

 Module 14: Performance Tuning

 Module 15: Routine Maintenance

 Module 16: Replication & Failover

 Module 17: Table Partitioning

 Module 18: Connection Pooling

 Module 19: Database Monitoring

 Module 20: Migration

EDB Postgres Advanced Server v14 Course Prerequisites:

• Prior knowledge of PostgreSQL or any equivalent database management system
• Basic understanding of SQL and relational database concepts
• Experience with Linux, Unix or Windows operating systems
• Familiarity with command line interfaces and scripting languages
• Background in computer science or related fields

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