Developing SOAR Playbooks

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Developing SOAR Playbooks Course Overview:

This introductory course is designed to prepare IT and security practitioners to:

  • Plan, design, create, and debug basic playbooks for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR).
  • Gain an understanding of the fundamental capabilities of SOAR playbooks.
  • Learn how to create and test SOAR playbooks effectively.

Completion of this course is a prerequisite for the Advanced SOAR Implementation course, providing a foundational understanding of SOAR playbooks and their usage.

Intended Audience:

  • IT and Security Practitioners: Individuals responsible for IT operations and security management who want to learn about Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) playbook development.
  • Security Analysts: Professionals involved in incident response and security operations looking to enhance their skills in creating and debugging SOAR playbooks.
  • Splunk SOAR Administrators: Those responsible for administering Splunk SOAR and its associated playbooks.
  • Professionals with Equivalent Knowledge: Individuals who possess equivalent working knowledge, as specified in the course prerequisites.

Learning Objectives of Developing SOAR Playbooks:

  • Automation Best Practices
  • The Visual Playbook Editor
  • Creating Automation and Input Playbooks
  • Using Actions and Decisions
  • Using Action Results
  • Testing and Debugging Playbooks
  • User Interaction
  • Output Formatting
  • Complex Logic
  • Interacting with Artifacts
  • Using Files in a Playbook
  • Custom Lists
  • Data Filtering

Module 1: Introduction to Playbooks

  • Understanding automation best practices
  • Playbook design principles
  • Support for Python scripting
  • Working with the playbook manager

Module 2: Visual Playbook Editor

  • Utilizing the visual playbook editor
  • Working with actions and decisions
  • Processing action results
  • Testing newly created playbooks

Module 3: User Interaction and Logic

  • Interacting with users during playbook execution
  • Formatting playbook outputs
  • Using decision blocks for conditional logic

Module 4: Accessing and Formatting Data

  • Accessing action results
  • Retrieving artifact and container data
  • Formatting data for presentation

Module 5: Modular Playbook Development

  • Creating input playbooks
  • Invoking other playbooks
  • Passing data between playbooks

Module 6: Custom Lists and Filters

  • Understanding custom list concepts
  • Creating custom lists
  • Accessing lists from playbooks
  • Applying filters for data manipulation

Developing SOAR Playbooks Course Prerequisites:

To succeed in this introductory SOAR course, students should have completed the following courses or possess equivalent working knowledge:

  • Investigating Incidents with Splunk SOAR
  • Administering Splunk SOAR

While not mandatory, having experience with Python programming can be beneficial for better comprehension, although it is not a strict requirement for the course.

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