Developing Cloud Native Applications on OCI

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Developing Cloud Native Applications on OCI Course Overview:

The Developing Cloud Native Applications on OCI certification is designed for software developers, application architects, and IT professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in developing, securing, and operating applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This certification validates skills in deploying applications using OCI services, utilizing REST APIs, and writing software with Oracle Function SDK, making certified individuals valuable contributors to modernizing applications and enabling efficient cloud-native solutions in tech-driven industries.

Intended Audience:

  • Software Developers
  • Programmers working with cloud-based technologies
  • IT Professionals eager to explore Oracle Cloud
  • IT Managers responsible for building cloud strategies
  • Business professionals keen to develop cloud-focused apps
  • Tech enthusiasts seeking to transition to cloud-based jobs
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure associates and architects.
  • Individuals interested in obtaining Oracle Cloud certification.

Learning Objectives of Developing Cloud Native Applications on OCI:

The main learning objectives of the Developing Cloud Native Applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) course are to equip participants with the essential skills for developing, deploying, and managing applications in the cloud. Students will become familiar with OCI’s architecture, core components, and services. Participants will learn how to deploy cloud-native applications, manage and troubleshoot applications using OCI’s monitoring and management tools, and how to configure, manage, and scale applications for optimal performance. The course also aims to teach students how to implement appropriate security measures and understand the implications of different design choices on cost and performance.

Module 1: Cloud Native Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Web Services
  • More on Web Services
  • Microservices
  • Microservices Architecture

Module 2: Developing Cloud Native Applications

  • API Gateway: Introduction to API Management
  • API Gateway: Networking and Security Policies
  • API Gateway: Creating an API
  • API Gateway: Validating API Requests
  • API Gateway: Authorizing Requests
  • API Gateway: Using Context Variable
  • API Gateway: Transforming API Requests and Responses
  • API Gateway: Monitoring APIs
  • Container Registry: Fundamentals Review
  • Container Registry: OCIR Concepts: Images
  • Container Registry: OCIR Concepts: Repositories
  • Container Registry: Pushing and Pulling Images
  • Container Registry: Image Management
  • OKE: Introduction
  • OKE: Create Clusters
  • OKE: Manage Clusters
  • OKE: Understanding and Using Autoscaling Features
  • OKE: Cluster Access & Security
  • Functions: Intro
  • Functions: Service Overview
  • Functions: Triggers
  • Functions: Use Cases
  • Functions: Concepts
  • Streaming: Introduction
  • Streaming: Features
  • Streaming: Fundamentals
  • Streaming: Use Cases
  • Events: Fundamental Concepts
  • Events: Event Messages and Event Types
  • Events: Rule Actions
  • Events: Working with Rules
  • Events: Use Cases

Module 3: Securing Cloud Native Applications

  • IAM
  • AuthN
  • AuthZ
  • Common Policies
  • Compartments
  • Security Introduction
  • Vault
  • Vault Deep Dive
  • Vault Secrets
  • Web Application Firewall

Module 4: Automating Deployment

  • DevOps Overview
  • OCI DevOps Overview
  • DevOps Components
  • OCI DevOps CICD
  • Environment

Module 5: Testing Cloud Native Applications

  • Testing Cloud Native Applications

Module 6: Operating Cloud Native Applications

  • Observability and Management Introduction
  • Monitoring
  • Logging
  • Logging Analytics
  • Operations Insight
  • Application Performance Monitoring

Module 7: What’s New in OCI Developer

  • Introduction to OCI Identity Domains
  • Identity Domains: Console Changes
  • API Gateway: OCI Certificates Integration
  • API Gateway: Network Security Groups
  • API Gateway: Mutual TLS Support
  • API Gateway: Customize Trust Store
  • OKE: Tagging Cluster Resources
  • OKE: User-Managed Keys
  • OKE: Custom cloud-init Scripts
  • OKE: File Storage for PVCs
  • OKE: Capacity Reservations
  • OKE: Network Security Groups
  • OCI DevOps Overview
  • DevOps Components
  • OCI DevOps CICD
  • Environment

Developing Cloud Native Applications on OCI Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of cloud computing
  • Understanding of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure fundamentals
  • Familiarity with application development and deployment process
  • Experience with managing cloud resources
  • Proficiency in using REST APIs
  • Practical familiarity with using Docker and Kubernetes
  • Knowledge of software development and DevOps principles.

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