Oracle Access Management 12c: Administration Essentials

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Oracle Access Management 12c: Administration Essentials Course Overview:

The Developing Applications using Oracle IoT Cloud Service Ed 1 course is designed to provide developers with an understanding of Oracle IoT Cloud Service (IoTCS) features. Participants will learn to build standalone applications using IoTCS resources, device APIs, and external service APIs. The course covers managing devices, using cloud tools like Oracle Event Processing and Oracle Data Visualizer, and developing and deploying device-side applications. Security aspects of IoTCS are also addressed. The course is divided into two parts, covering IoTCS basics and developing standalone applications. Upon completion, developers will be proficient in using IoTCS features, developing custom applications, managing devices, and creating RESTful APIs.

Intended Audience:

  1. IT professionals at any level who want to build modern IoT applications and leverage existing skills.
  2. Aspiring developers, architects, data scientists, and technical professionals who want to learn how to design and create applications that connect, collect, analyze, and utilize information from the physical world.
  3. Individuals who want to understand the core concepts of integrating Oracle IoT Cloud applications with other Oracle Cloud services such as Analytics Cloud, Database Cloud, Big Data Cloud, and more.
  4. Businesses looking to expand their existing cloud integration portfolio using Oracle Cloud services.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Access Management 12c: Administration Essentials:

The Developing Applications using Oracle IoT Cloud Service Ed 1 Training course offers learners a comprehensive understanding of developing applications with Oracle IoT Cloud Service. Topics covered include device connectivity, application logic, service APIs, data ingestion, and result visualization. After completing the course, learners will have the ability to build efficient and secure IoT applications, ensuring scalability and robustness.

 Module 1: Understanding Internet of Things
  • Class Introduction
  • Describe the brief history of IoT
  • Explain IoT(Internet of Things)
  • Explain definition of “Things”
  • Describe the attributes of Things
  • Explain WoT Terminology
  • Describe Technology Road map of Internet of things
  • Cloud computing
  • Characteristics of Cloud Computing.
  • Oracle Cloud Products Overview
  • Types of Oracle Cloud accounts
  • Subscribing to an Oracle Cloud Service Trial
  • Adding Users and Assigning Roles
  • Creating Cloud Service Instance
  • Generating Key Pair
  • Steps for Creating IoT Cloud Service Instance
  • Creating Database Instance
  • Creating Java Cloud Instance
  • Understanding Container and storage Instance
  • Components of Dashboard
  • Workflow for Implementing the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service
  • Accessing the Management Console
  • Creating Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service Applications
  • Device Types in Oracle IoT Cloud Service
  • Device Life Cycle in Oracle IoT Cloud Service
  • Creating a New Device Model
  • Managing Your Device Models
  • Device Resources in Oracle IoT Cloud Service
  • Device Metadata in Oracle IoT Cloud Service
  • Registering , Activating, Deactivating, Decommissioning of Devices
  • Creating a New Application, Configuring device model, Adding message Exploration
  • Deploying an IoT Application
  • Importing an IoT Application
  • Exporting an IoT Application
  • Data Simulator Overview
  • Setting Up and Using Data Simulator
  • Client Software libraries overview and architecture
  • Available Client software libraries
  • IoT Cloud Service Client Software Library Application Model
  • Locating and Downloading Client Software libraries
  • REST API libraries Overviews
  • Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service Using a JavaScript Application
  • Start point and End point of Data/message
  • Message Formats in Oracle IoT Cloud Service
  • Overview of Oracle IoT Cloud Service Stream Exploration
  • End to End Dataflow Demo Using JavaScript Client libraries

Oracle Access Management 12c: Administration Essentials Course Prerequisites:

  • Understanding of basic cloud infrastructure concepts.
  • Familiarity with Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile application development.
  • Knowledge of wireless networking.
  • Experience working with Oracle middleware products (Cloud Platform, Fusion Middleware, Mobile Application Accelerator).
  • Experience with scripting languages such as JavaScript and Python.
  • Knowledge of Oracle SQL and relational database (RDBMS) concepts.
  • Experience with the Oracle Database technology stack (e.g., Oracle Cloud Platform Database, Oracle Database Cloud, Database Exadata).
  • Basic understanding of IoT Cloud Service and mobile application development principles and concepts.

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