Deepdive into Exadata Cloud@Customer Administration

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Deepdive into Exadata Cloud@Customer Administration Course Overview:

The Deepdive into Exadata Cloud@Customer Administration certification validates expertise in managing Oracle’s Exadata Cloud@Customer service. It covers system deployment, configuration, and management in a cloud-based database system. The certification demonstrates the ability to run applications, analytics, and machine learning in the cloud while keeping data onsite. Industries use this certification to assess professionals’ proficiency in complex database operations and management. Certified individuals are knowledgeable in the core functions and capabilities of Exadata Cloud@Customer and can assist in migrating applications and databases to the cloud.

Intended Audience:

• IT Professionals
• Cloud Administrators
• Database Administrators
• IT Managers
• Data managers
• Technology consultants
• Professionals with knowledge of database concepts
• System Administrators
• Cloud Solution Architects
• Oracle Exadata users.

Learning Objectives of Deepdive into Exadata Cloud@Customer Administration:

The Deepdive into Exadata Cloud@Customer Administration course provides learners with comprehensive knowledge and skills related to Exadata Cloud@Customer. The course focuses on fundamental concepts, operational management, and strategic application of the service. Participants will be proficient in configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting to ensure optimal cloud performance. Managing hybrid database environments, combining on-premises and cloud databases, is another key aspect covered in the course. Additionally, learners will grasp backup and recovery strategies and perform database cloud lifecycle operations. By course completion, participants will be adept administrators of Exadata Cloud@Customer operations.

 Module 1: Getting Started with Exadata Cloud@Customer
  • Introduction to Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer
  • Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer Gen 2 Features
  • Preparing for Exadata Cloud@Customer
  • Provisioning Exadata Cloud@Customer Systems
  • Managing VM Clusters on Exadata Cloud@Customers
  • Managing Backup Destinations for Exadata Cloud@Customer
  • Creating Oracle Database Homes on an Exadata Cloud@Customer System
  • Managing Oracle Database on Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer
  • Managing Database Backup and Recovery on Oracle Eadata Cloud@Customer
  • Connecting to an Exadata Cloud@Customer System
  • Patching and Updating an Exadata Cloud@Control System
  • Using EM Express and Database Control on Exadata Cloud@Customer
  • Using the dbaascli Utility on Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer
  • Monitoring and Managing Exadata Storage Servers with ExaCLI
  • Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer
  • Introduction to Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud Customer
  • Managing Autonomous Exadata VM Clusters
  • Managing Autonomous Container Databases
  • Managing Autonomous Databases
  • Migrating Oracle Database to Exadata Cloud@Customer
  • Advanced Migration Using Data Guard and Golden Gate
  • Advanced Topics and Best Practices
  • Oracle Database Consolidation on Exadata

Deepdive into Exadata Cloud@Customer Administration Course Prerequisites:

  • Strong understanding of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • Solid knowledge of Oracle database administration
  • Experience in managing and maintaining Exadata hardware
  • Familiarity with Exadata Storage Server Administration
  • Working knowledge of Cloud principles and technologies
  • Competence in using Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer platform

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