Contributor Relations Rel 9 Ed 3

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

Contributor Relations Rel 9 Ed 3 Course Overview:

The Contributor Relations Rel 9 Ed 3 certification relates to software dedicated to overseeing diverse contribution facets within organizations, spanning financial contributions, relationship management, program enrollment, and memberships, among others. This software equips tools to address contemporary organizational complexities, heightening efficiency and efficacy. Commonly adopted by industries like non-profit, social services, education, and public services, this certification amplifies operational prowess, process optimization, and contribution enhancement. It also facilitates improved management of donor or contributor data, aligning contributions accurately with organizational objectives and goals. In essence, the certification simplifies contributor relationship management across industries.

Intended Audience:

• Non-profit organizations seeking to enhance donor relationships
• Fundraisers and development professionals aiming to improve their skills
• Public relations officers interested in donor management
• Companies wanting to increase philanthropic contributions
• Professionals working in alumni relations, seeking to boost donations.

Learning Objectives of Contributor Relations Rel 9 Ed 3:

The primary learning objectives of Contributor Relations Rel 9 Ed 3 course would be to equip the learners with a detailed comprehension about contributor relations and the critical role it plays in an organization. They’ll gain an in-depth understanding of how to define, record and manage contributor transactions and agreements in PeopleSoft Contributors Relations. The course also aims at familiarizing learners with various features such as pledge processing, gift and giving management, managing planned contributions, event management, and working with membership features. Additionally, learners will be trained in effectively leveraging the contributor constituent functionality in other PeopleSoft applications.

 Module 1: Managing Constituent Information

  • Searching for Constituent Records
  • Entering and Tracking Person Data
  • Entering and Tracking Organization Data
  • Establishing Relationships

 Module 2: Setting Up Initiatives

  • Defining and Assigning Staff, Volunteer, and Unit Roles
  • Defining Other Supporting Information for Initiatives

 Module 3: Designing Audiences

  • Setting Up Audiences
  • Assigning Audiences to Initiatives

 Module 4: Managing Campaigns

  • Creating Campaign Initiatives
  • Defining Appeals
  • Managing Initiative Actions
  • Tracking Campaign Details
  • Managing Campaign Budgets

 Module 5: Managing Volunteers

  • Creating a Volunteer Initiative
  • Defining a Volunteer Structure
  • Assigning Volunteers to Tasks and Roles
  • Viewing a Volunteer’s Previous Involvement

 Module 6: Managing Events

  • Entering Events and Associated Meetings
  • Managing Events in Conjunction with the 3Cs
  • Managing CR Events

 Module 7: Managing Prospects

  • Assigning Resources to Prospects
  • Managing Prospect Strategies
  • Managing Prospect Actions
  • Managing Planned Giving Prospects
  • Managing Prospects with Self-Service Outreach

 Module 8: Managing Prospects

  • Setting up Commitment Entry
  • Working with Sessions
  • Managing Matching Gifts
  • Managing Pledges and Conditional Pledges
  • Queuing and Posting Sessions
  • Making Adjustments
  • Working with Self-Service Involvement
  • Managing Giving Clubs

 Module 9: Managing Memberships

  • Setting Up Membership Programs
  • Creating Membership Initiatives
  • Entering Member Dues
  • Assigning Members to a Member Organization

 Module 10: Managing Business Units and SetIDs in Contributor Relations

  • Managing BUs
  • Securing BUs
  • Using SetIDs and TableSets

 Module 11: Generating Acknowledgements

  • Setting Up Acknowledgements in CR
  • Defining Acknowledgement Rules
  • Processing Acknowledgements
  • Processing Acknowledgements

 Module 12: Processing Credit Card Transactions

  • Setting up Credit Card Processing
  • Enabling Self-Service Credit Card Transactions
  • Processing Online Credit Card and Membership Payments

Contributor Relations Rel 9 Ed 3 Course Prerequisites:

• Basic knowledge about Oracle Fusion HCM applications
• Prior experience in Oracle HCM Cloud Service solutions
• Understanding of Contributor Relations workflow and functionalities
• Familiarity with Oracle Fusion Global Human Resources Cloud Service
• Practical experience in using Contributor Relations in at least one project.

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