Continuous Testing Foundation (CTF)℠

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Continuous Testing Foundation (CTF)℠ Course Overview:

The Continuous Testing Foundation (CTF)℠ certification attests to an individual’s expertise in continuous testing methodologies and tools within the context of software development. Governed by the DevOps Institute standards, it holds value in industries that prioritize continuous delivery, including tech, manufacturing, finance, and healthcare. Organizations leverage certified professionals to enhance software quality and efficiency, reducing miscommunications, bugs, and development lag times.

Intended Audience:

• Software Developers aiming to incorporate Continuous Testing into their development process
• Quality Assurance professionals seeking to improve their testing strategies
• IT Managers and Team Leaders wanting to enhance software quality and reliability
• Technical Project Managers looking to streamline software development workflows
• Any IT professional interested in staying updated with the latest practices in continuous testing.

Learning Objectives of Continuous Testing Foundation (CTF)℠:

The Continuous Testing Foundation (CTF)℠ course focuses on these key learning objectives:

  • Understanding the significance of continuous testing in the DevOps lifecycle and its business value.
  • Gaining knowledge of strategizing, planning, and executing continuous testing methodologies, including various testing types.
  • Comprehending the role of continuous testing within the delivery and deployment pipeline.
  • Mastery of test automation to expedite processes, minimize manual errors, and improve software quality.
  • Proficiency in managing, monitoring, and optimizing testing across the entire pipeline.
  • Developing the skills to analyze and interpret test results and collaborate effectively within teams to address complex issues.

 Module 1: Delivery Staff

 Module 2: DevOps Engineers

 Module 3: IT Managers

 Module 4: Project Managers

 Module 5: Lab Staff

 Module 6: Maintenance and Support Staff

 Module 7: Quality Assurance Managers

 Module 8: Quality Assurance Teams

 Module 9: Release Managers

 Module 10: Testers

 Module 11: Software Engineers

Continuous Testing Foundation (CTF)℠ Course Prerequisites:

  • Fundamental knowledge of software development and testing principles.
  • Experience in IT operations or software development.
  • Understanding of Agile and DevOps methodologies.
  • Familiarity with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) concepts.
  • Previous experience with automated testing tools.

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