Configuring and Deploying an Oracle ATG Web Commerce Site Rel 10.2

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Configuring and Deploying an Oracle ATG Web Commerce Site Rel 10.2 Course Overview:

The “Oracle ATG Web Commerce Site Rel 10.2 Configuring and Deploying” course is hands-on training for web developers, IT professionals, and business users. It covers installation, configuration, customization, and deployment of the ATG Web Commerce platform (version 10.2). Topics include platform features, component development, repository configuration, performance optimization, and creating/deploying ATG applications. The course emphasizes practical examples and aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of setting up and managing e-commerce sites using ATG.

Intended Audience:

  • Developers
  • IT Professionals
  • System Administrators
  • Web Design Professionals

Learning Objectives of Configuring and Deploying an Oracle ATG Web Commerce Site Rel 10.2:

1. Learn how to install ATG Web Commerce software.
2. Master architecture and components of Oracle ATG Web Commerce.
3. Understand and configure the environment in which web commerce will be deployed.
4. Develop an understanding of the integration of ATG with third-party applications.
5. Acquire the skills to plan, design, and execute the deployment of ATG sites.
6. Demonstrate the ability to evaluate application performance and troubleshoot problems.
7. Setup and configure a staging playground to test and go-live with ATG.
8. Learn the process to create data management & security policies.
9. Gain expertise in developing roadmap for continuous improvement and keeping the system secure.
10. Understand customization, management, and performance testing of an ATG site.

 Module 1: Getting Started with ATG

  • The ATG Project Lifecycle
  • ATG Concept Overview
  • Installing ATG

 Module 2: Planning Your ATG Site

  • Understanding ATG server types
  • Planning server clusters
  • Creating a site plan

 Module 3: Setting Up ATG Databases

  • Installing required schemas
  • Importing initial data
  • Introduction to the Configuration and Installation Manager (CIM) tool

 Module 4: Configuring ATG Servers

  • Using CIM
  • Creating a server configuration folder
  • Implementing your site plan

 Module 5: Configuring ATG Components

  • Creating properties files
  • Configuration layering
  • Configuring a backup server lock manager

 Module 6: Assembling and Deploying a Commerce Application

  • Java EE overview
  • Assembling Enterprise Archives (EARs)
  • Deploying EARS on Oracle WebLogic
  • Starting ATG servers on WebLogic

 Module 7: Configuring a Distributed Site

  • Configuring host specific ATG services
  • Assembly options and standalone mode
  • Using WebLogic Node Manager with ATG servers

 Module 8: Setting up a Cluster

  • Understanding application server clustering
  • Configuring session backup
  • Setting up configuration groups

 Module 9: ATG and Coherence

  • ATG and Coherence
  • ATG Repository External Caching
  • Configuring ATG as a Coherence Client

 Module 10: Asset Management

  • Content Administration overview
  • Setting up data sources for import
  • Importing initial assets
  • Defining an asset deployment topology

 Module 11: Monitoring, Testing and Deploying

  • Using ATG Administration Console
  • Using ATG monitoring and load testing tools
  • Understanding log files and stack traces

Configuring and Deploying an Oracle ATG Web Commerce Site Rel 10.2 Course Prerequisites:

The prerequisites for the “Oracle BPM 11g: Implement the Process Model” training are:

  1. Basic understanding of BPM components: Business Process Modeling, Business Process Management, and Business Activity Monitoring.
  2. Knowledge of Oracle SOA Suite platform for developing and deploying SOA services.
  3. Working experience in developing process models in BPM Suite, BPEL, or similar platforms.
  4. Experience with web services (REST or SOAP).
  5. Proficiency in developing user interfaces with JSF.
  6. Working experience in web application development with Java.
  7. Familiarity with XML development language and its use in SOA services.

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