COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation

Duration: 4 Days (32 Hours)

COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation Course Prerequisites:

The COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation course offers a comprehensive program designed for professionals aiming to design and manage their organization’s IT governance effectively. This structured course provides a set of recommended practices and tools to establish and maintain a successful IT governance system. It equips professionals with a solid understanding of IT governance, key concepts, and practical methods for designing and implementing an efficient IT governance framework. Topics covered in the course include roles and responsibilities, IT governance systems, best practices, trends, and valuable resources. Participants will also learn about the COBIT 2019 framework and its application to enhance IT effectiveness, efficiency, and control. By the course’s completion, professionals will gain the skills to address IT governance challenges and make well-informed decisions to optimize their organization’s IT resources’ performance and effectiveness.

Target Audience

  1. IT Professionals: IT professionals from various roles, such as IT managers, IT administrators, and IT specialists, who need to comprehend and implement the latest COBIT 2019 design and IT control frameworks in their organizations.
  2. Decision Makers: Business executives, managers, and leaders responsible for making strategic decisions regarding IT governance, risk management, and compliance.
  3. Information and Cybersecurity Professionals: Individuals working in cybersecurity and information security domains, responsible for protecting an organization’s information assets.
  4. IT Architects and Consultants: Professionals involved in designing and implementing IT systems and solutions, as well as providing IT consultancy services.
  5. IT Governance Personnel: Individuals responsible for establishing and maintaining effective IT governance practices within an organization.
  6. Enterprise Architecture Professionals: Professionals focused on designing and managing an organization’s enterprise architecture to align IT with business objectives.

Learning Objectives of COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation

  1. Understanding COBIT: Participants will grasp the essential features, key principles, and frameworks of COBIT.
  2. Building Effective Business Systems: Students will learn about the critical activities and components that constitute an efficient business system.
  3. Designing and Implementing Governance Solutions: The course will enable participants to utilize COBIT to design and implement effective governance solutions across various operations.
  4. Ensuring Operational Excellence: Practical guidance will be provided on implementing solutions to enhance operational efficiency and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
 Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Improvement of Enterprise Governance of Information and Technology
  • COBIT Overview
  • Objectives and Scope of the Implementation Guide
  • Structure of This Publication
  • Target Audience for This Publication
  • Related Guidance: COBIT® 2019 Design Guide
  • Understanding the Context
  • What is EGIT?
  • Why is EGIT so Important?
  • What Should EGIT Deliver?
  • Leveraging COBIT and Integrating Frameworks, Standards and Good Practices
  • Governance Principles
  • Governance System and Components
  • Governance and Management Objectives
  • Creating the Appropriate Environment
  • Applying a Continual Improvement Life Cycle Approach
  • Getting Started—Identify the Need to Act: Recognizing Pain Points and Trigger Events
  • Typical Pain Points
  • Trigger Events in the Internal and External Environments
  • Stakeholder Involvement
  • Recognizing Stakeholders’ Roles and Requirements
  • Internal Stakeholders
  • External Stakeholders
  • Independent Assurance and the Role of Auditors
  • Introduction
  • Creating the Appropriate Environment
  • The Need for Change Enablement
  • Change Enablement of EGIT Implementation
  • Phases in the Change Enablement Life Cycle Create the Appropriate Environment
  • Introduction
  • Governance Systems
  • Structure of This Publication
  • Target Audience for This Publication
  • Related Guidance: COBIT® 2019 Implementation Guide
  • Introduction
  • Governance and Management Objectives
  • Components of the Governance System
  • Focus Areas
  • Capability Levels
  • Design Factors
  • Why is There no Industry Sector Design Factor?

Impact of Design Factors

  • Understand Enterprise Strategy
  • Understand Enterprise Goals
  • Understand the Risk Profile
  • Understand Current I&T-Related Issues
  • Conclusion
  • Purpose of the COBIT® 2019 Implementation Guide
  • COBIT Implementation Approach
  • Relationship Between COBIT Design Guide and COBIT Implementation Guide
  • Introduction
  • Toolkit Basics
  • Enterprise Strategy (Design Factor 1)
  • Conclusion

COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation Course Prerequisites:

  1. Relevant IT Experience: Participants should have at least five years of practical IT experience in an enterprise setting.
  2. Hands-on Experience: Experience with IT strategy, planning, and security is essential to effectively apply COBIT 2019 frameworks.
  3. Understanding of IT Delivery and Operations: Familiarity with IT service delivery and operational processes.
  4. Previous Knowledge of COBIT 5 (Optional): Individuals with existing working knowledge of the previous COBIT 5 framework may find the course particularly advantageous as they transition to COBIT 2019.

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