Cloud Foundry Developer

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

Cloud Foundry Developer Course Overview:

The Cloud Foundry Developer certification attests to an individual’s expertise in utilizing Cloud Foundry, an open-source technology for efficient cloud-native application development and deployment. This credential assesses candidates’ skills in modifying, deploying, and troubleshooting Cloud Foundry applications, confirming their grasp of the environment, services, buildpacks, and tools for application development. Industries leverage this certification as a hiring benchmark, ensuring candidates can effectively manage cloud-based application tasks to enhance efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. It is particularly valuable for IT professionals pursuing roles in cloud infrastructure and software development.

Intended Audience:

• Software developers seeking proficiency in cloud-based applications
• IT professionals looking to expand their technological skill set
• DevOps engineers focused on improving work efficiency
• Teams wanting to streamline cloud application deployment
• Professionals aiming for certifications in cloud technologies
• Any organization looking to implement or improve their use of cloud-based services

Learning Objectives of Cloud Foundry Developer:

The course aims to equip participants to:

  1. Understand Cloud Foundry Fundamentals: Gain a foundational understanding of Cloud Foundry, including its core concepts and architecture.
  2. Application Deployment Strategies: Learn various strategies for deploying applications on the Cloud Foundry platform.
  3. Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (CLI): Master the usage of the Cloud Foundry CLI to effectively manage and interact with applications.
  4. Services in Cloud Foundry: Comprehend the role of services in Cloud Foundry and acquire skills to create and manage them.
  5. Troubleshooting and Debugging: Develop the ability to troubleshoot and debug applications on the Cloud Foundry platform.
  6. Scaling and Routing: Gain proficiency in scaling applications and managing routing in Cloud Foundry.

By the conclusion of the course, learners should be adept at utilizing Cloud Foundry for optimizing the deployment, management, scaling, and troubleshooting of cloud-native applications. They will have the knowledge and skills needed to effectively leverage Cloud Foundry for efficient cloud application development and management.

 Module 1:

  • An Introduction to Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Logging, Scale and HA
  • Services
  • Manifests

 Module 2:

  • Application Security Groups
  • Log Draining
  • Blue-Green Deployments

 Module 3:

  • Microservices
  • BuildPacks
  • Service Brokers

 Module 4:

  • Continuous Delivery
  • Route Service
  • Advanced Topics
  • Security

Cloud Foundry Developer Course Prerequisites:

• Proficiency in Java programming (or similar languages)
• Basic understanding of PaaS and Cloud Computing concepts
• Knowledge of YAML-based deployment manifest
• Familiarity with command line interfaces
• Understanding of Spring framework
• Experience with cloud-native application design and development

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