BI Publisher for PeopleSoft PeopleTools Ed 1

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

BI Publisher for PeopleSoft PeopleTools Ed 1 Course Overview:

The BI Publisher for PeopleSoft PeopleTools Ed 1 certification is a specialized accreditation affirming expertise in BI Publisher, a reporting tool within the Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise suite. This certification emphasizes integrating and implementing BI Publisher with PeopleTools, focusing on report development, scheduling, data sourcing, transformations, sub-templates, and localization. Industries utilize this certification to produce, manage, and deliver well-formatted, high-volume reports, enhancing data visualization and decision-making. Acquiring core skills from this certification is essential for managing intricate datasets, allowing companies to leverage insights for strategic advantage.

Intended Audience:

• IT professionals working with PeopleSoft PeopleTools
• Software developers interested in BI Publisher
• Business analysts seeking to leverage BI tools
• Database administrators handling PeopleSoft applications
• ERP consultants and specialists
• Technical consultants working with PeopleSoft
• Professionals familiar with SQL, PS Query and PeopleSoft reporting tools.

Learning Objectives of BI Publisher for PeopleSoft PeopleTools Ed 1:

The main learning objectives of the BI Publisher for PeopleSoft PeopleTools Ed 1 course are to empower students with comprehensive skills and knowledge to effectively utilize the features of this tool within the PeopleSoft application. Students will aim to comprehend the creation of BI Publisher report definitions and templates, gain proficiency in bursting and scheduling reports, and configure and manage security for BI Publisher reports. Additionally, the course is designed to guide students in the efficient execution of BI Publisher reports using PS Query and Application Engine, thereby enhancing their capability to handle intricate reporting tasks adeptly.

 Module 1: Setting Up BI Publisher

  • Setting Up Report Manager
  • Defining Report Categories
  • Downloading Design Plug-ins

 Module 2: Creating and Registering Data Sources

  • Creating XML File Data Sources
  • Registering XML File Data Sources

 Module 3: Creating Templates

  • Creating RFT Templates
  • Using Pivot Table
  • Working with PDF Templates

 Module 4: Defining BI Publisher Reports

  • Associating Templates
  • Setting Report Viewing Security
  • Creating a Report Definition Based on PDF Template
  • Using Digital Signature in PDF Reports
  • Bursting Reports

 Module 5: Implementing Sub-Templates and Template Translations

  • Creating Reusable Sub-Template Definitions
  • Using Content Library

 Module 6: Using Rich Text in BI Publisher

  • Using RTE in BI Publisher Reports

 Module 7: Using Common Templates in BI Publisher

  • Using Oracle XSL Mapper

 Module 8: Using Additional RTF Techniques

  • Using Connected Query Data Source
  • Using Time Zones
  • Using Drilling URL Query

 Module 9: Running Reports Using PeopleCode

  • Running Reports from Application Engine
  • Creating Application Engine to Create File and Run Report

BI Publisher for PeopleSoft PeopleTools Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

• Knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL
• Familiarity with PeopleSoft PeopleTools Data Models
• Understanding of PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture
• Working experience with PeopleSoft Application Designer
• Proficiency in HTML, JavaScript, and XML
• Knowledge of administering PeopleSoft applications
• Basic understanding of report design and development.

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