Bash Shell Scripting for Oracle DBAs

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Bash Shell Scripting for Oracle DBAs Course Overview:

The Bash Shell Scripting for Oracle DBAs certification validates professionals’ mastery of Bash Shell, a command-line interpreter prevalent in UNIX and Linux systems. It evaluates their adeptness in utilizing Bash Shell to automate Oracle database administration tasks. Oracle DBAs leverage Bash Shell scripting for database management, patching, performance monitoring, backup and restoration, and task automation. This skill is pivotal in IT due to its efficiency and error reduction. It empowers administrators to directly interact with the OS via the command line, enhancing control and flexibility in operations.

Intended Audience:

  • Oracle Database Administrators keen on improving their skills
  • IT professionals interested in Oracle DB management
  • Computer Science students specializing in Database Management
  • Experienced DBAs looking to learn Bash shell scripting
  • Software engineers wanting to expand their Oracle DBA knowledge.

Learning Objectives of Bash Shell Scripting for Oracle DBAs:

The learning objectives for a Bash Shell Scripting for Oracle DBAs course encompass a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of bash shell scripting and its integration with Oracle. This involves grasping scripting basics, control structures, and error handling. Students will acquire proficiency in manipulating files and processes through scripting, creating schedules for automated backups, and mastering advanced scripting concepts including variables, functions, and debugging techniques. Additional objectives involve learning to write shell scripts that interact seamlessly with Oracle databases, effectively automating database administration tasks, and enhancing the efficiency of routine database maintenance activities. By course completion, students will have the capability to independently create shell scripts to streamline and automate Oracle DBA responsibilities.

 Module 1: Basic commands

  • File and directory commands
  • Basic terminal commands
  • Text processing commands
  • Redirection
  • Pipelining

 Module 2: Unix shell scripting

  • vi editor commands
  • basic shell script
  • variables
  • operators
  • read user input
  • argument in scripts
  • Special parameters

 Module 3: Conditional and loop statements

  • if conditional statement
  • case statement
  • for loop
  • while loop
  • until loop
  • break statement

 Module 4: Functions

  • Function syntax
  • Recursive functions
  • Parameterized functions

 Module 5: Usage of shell scripting for DBA activities

  • Script for monitoring listener status
  • Script for monitoring database status
  • Script for reading alert log file for errors
  • Script for cleaning old archived log files
  • Script for user management activities
  • Script for backup of database
  • Script for deleting obsolete and expired backups

 Module 6: Crontab scheduling

  • Scheduling techniques
  • Crontab commands

Bash Shell Scripting for Oracle DBAs Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of Oracle DBA (Database Administration).
  • Competency in Linux or Unix environment.
  • Knowledge of Oracle database architecture and its components.
  • Prior experience or understanding of SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Familiarity with text editors like vim or nano.
  • Basic programming & coding skills.
  • Conceptual knowledge of data backup or recovery in Oracle.

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