Application Development on Oracle Cloud Ed 2

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Application Development on Oracle Cloud Ed 2 Course Overview:

The Oracle Cloud Application Development course helps developers learn to build and deploy applications on the Oracle Cloud Platform. It includes lectures, demos, hands-on labs, and self-paced learning to gain knowledge and experience in web and mobile application development. Participants will use popular frameworks and languages to build Oracle components, consume web services, and deploy applications in the cloud. The course covers various Oracle cloud services like Oracle Database Cloud Service, Application Container Cloud Service, and PaaS Services. It is ideal for developers aiming to create cloud-based applications to meet modern data-driven enterprise requirements.

Intended Audience:

  1. Software developers who want to develop and deploy applications on the Oracle Cloud platform.
  2. Developers familiar with basic application development but looking to learn advanced concepts specific to Oracle Cloud.
  3. IT departments, product owners, and system administrators responsible for application development, deployment, and maintenance in the cloud.
  4. Individuals working with Oracle Cloud technologies seeking to advance their skill set and career opportunities.

Learning Objectives of Application Development on Oracle Cloud Ed 2:

The Oracle Cloud Application Development Ed 2 Training provides participants with the necessary skills in application development and utilizing Oracle Cloud to develop modern cloud applications. The training enables participants to create cloud solutions using Oracle’s platform, service, and infrastructure offerings. It focuses on the development and deployment of applications using Oracle Java Cloud Service, Oracle Database Cloud Service, Oracle Cloud Storage, and Oracle Application Container Cloud Service. By the end of the training, participants will have the knowledge to create and deploy cloud applications, configure Oracle Database Cloud Service for their application, establish users and security, utilize Application Container Cloud Service for container-based applications, and build a continuous delivery portfolio.

 Module 1: Introducing Oracle Cloud Services

  • Application Container Cloud Architecture
  • Preparing and Packaging Java Application
  • Preparing and Packaging Node Application
  • Preparing and Packaging PHP Application
  • Deploying Applications to Application Container
  • Creating a Java Cloud Service Instance
  • Launching WebLogic Server Console
  • Java Cloud Service VM: Connecting via SSH
  • Java Cloud Service: Using WLST on VM
  • Creating a Datasource with Fusion Middleware Control
  • Developer Cloud Service Features and Components
  • Creating a New Project
  • Project: Maven Repositories
  • Create a Hudson Job
  • Deploying to the Java Cloud Service
  • JDeveloper IDE
  • JDeveloper as Part of a Hudson Build
  • Netbeans IDE
  • Cloning a NetBeans Project from Remote Git
  • Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse
  • Importing a Project into Eclipse from Cloud
  • Version Management
  • Creating a Git Repository in Developer Cloud Service
  • About Maven Repository
  • About Hudson Job
  • Creating a Deployment in Developer Cloud Service
  • Deploying to the Java Cloud Service
  • Implementing Continuous Deployment
  • Issue Tracking in Oracle Developer Cloud Service
  • Merge Request Conversation and Commit
  • Agile Support in Oracle Developer Cloud Service
  • Customizing an Agile Board
  • Agile Methodology: Sprint
  • Configuring a Board
  • Working with the REST API
  • Using cURL
  • Oracle API Catalog: Searching for the REST API
  • Database Cloud Service REST Endpoint and UI
  • Java Cloud Service REST Endpoint and UI
  • Deploying to an Oracle Application Container Using the REST API
  • Wiki: New Pages, Hierarchy
  • Wiki Versioning
  • About Snippets
  • Administration: Project Properties
  • Issue Tracking: Tags
  • Administration: Repository
  • Administration: WebHook

Application Development on Oracle Cloud Ed 2 Course Prerequisites:

• Familiarity with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
• Working knowledge of either HTML, JavaScript, or Java
• Basic understanding of databases and database programming
• Experience working with relational database management systems
• Understanding of Object Oriented Programming concepts
• Working knowledge of SQL.

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