Advanced Dashboards &Visualizations in SplunkJS

Duration : 1 Day (8 Hours)

Advanced Dashboards &Visualizations in SplunkJS Course Overview:

This single-day program caters to proficient users seeking to craft SplunkJS dashboards and custom visualizations within Splunk. The curriculum places emphasis on dashboard creation, input integration, event handler utilization, and the development of Splunk Custom Visualizations through JavaScript and XML.

Intended Audience:

  • Advanced Splunk users
  • Developers interested in creating SplunkJS dashboards and custom visualizations
  • Individuals who want to enhance their skills in utilizing tokens and event handlers within Splunk
  • Professionals seeking to expand their knowledge of JavaScript, XML, CSS, and HTML for Splunk development
  • Those with prior experience in Splunk, especially in classic dashboard creation and terminal-based tasks
  • Anyone looking to harness the full potential of Splunk’s advanced features for data visualization and analysis.

Learning Objectives of Advanced Dashboards &Visualizations in SplunkJS:

  • SplunkJS Dashboards
  • Tokens
  • Event Handlers
  • Custom Visualizations

Module 1: SplunkJS Dashboards

  • Identify view types
  • Create a SplunkJS dashboard
  • Define view properties, methods, and events
  • List types of search managers

Module 2: Using Tokens

  • Use tokens in SplunkJS
  • Define Splunk’s token models
  • Describe how to get, set, and change tokens
  • Create a SplunkJS form

Module 3: Using Event Handlers

  • Identify types of event handlers
  • Define event handler syntax
  • Define drilldown properties
  • Create an event handler

Module 4: Creating Custom Visualizations

  • Define the custom visualization primary files
  • Add custom visualizations to SplunkJS views
  • Create a custom visualization
  • Define security best practices

Advanced Dashboards &Visualizations in SplunkJS Course Prerequisites:

To excel in this course, students should possess a proficient grasp of the following prerequisites:

  • Fundamentals of Splunk
  • Classic Dashboard Creation
  • Competency in using a terminal emulator program (e.g., Terminal, PuTTY, or equivalent)
  • Proficiency in using a terminal editor (e.g., vi, nano, etc.)
  • Editing skills in JavaScript, XML, CSS, and HTML

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